Launches Recruit Me Campaign to Progress Digital Hiring Transformation

Movement aims to spotlight human-first approach for job seekers and cost-effective opportunity for U.S. businesses

Houston, Texas, UNITED STATES

HOUSTON, Feb. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Group, Inc. (OTCQB: RCRT), an on-demand hiring platform powered by over 28,000 recruiters and AI and video hiring technology, today announced the launch of Recruit Me, a campaign dedicated to highlighting a video-first approach to hiring. The campaign comes as the Great Rehiring of America begins following a year of record job loss-- and as traditionally, billions of unnecessary dollars are spent on hiring. Recruit Me is creating a much-needed shift in the hiring process for both employers and candidates by dramatically reducing hiring costs, improving the overall experience, and aligning candidate and company culture.

The future of work is changing every day, and with that, so does the way organizations spend on recruiting. As the job market began to gain speed in December 2020, businesses were spending on average $4,000 per candidate to hire. With nearly 5.5M U.S. workers hired in December alone, this translates into almost $23B and an annualized cost of $276B for U.S. companies. In addition to added costs and with the emergence of an increasingly remote workforce, the necessity for more humanized practices across video platforms is at the core of this next evolution in hiring.'s Recruit Me campaign is mirroring this change by introducing a simple video-solution to job seekers and employers to provide greater access and storytelling to hiring, applying video earlier in the vetting process, and disrupting the traditional resume to give a voice to the words on paper.

"Of all of the lessons that were learned last year, a lasting one is that we should lean on the need to connect virtually to rebuild the job market in a way that's better than before," said Evan Sohn, CEO of "Our mission with Recruit Me is to be the change we want to see in our new remote world. We are in the midst of an epochal technological revolution, and there's no reason why hiring should not be at that forefront given its direct, positive impact on our economy and companies' bottom lines."

The Recruit Me campaign is committed to building a talent ecosystem that unlocks human potential through a candidate-first digital interaction. To recognize the importance of this paradigm shift, is opening its talent pool to sponsor 100,000 Recruit Me videos for job seekers. Candidates interested in showcasing their passions and expertise and who want to show more than their resume can submit their Recruit Me video directly on the website: The company encourages candidates of all backgrounds and skillsets to participate.

Now at the precipice of the digital transformation of the hiring industry, is calling on employers to lean on video as they rehire in 2021 and beyond and prioritize non-traditional indicators of candidate success. Companies who commit to the Recruit Me campaign will have access to the following incentives and benefits:

  • Up to a 33 percent reduction in time spent assessing candidates, lowering hiring costs overall
  •'s pool of video resume candidates and option to add additional videos to their talent pool by sponsoring supplementary video resumes at a fee
  • Streamlined candidate search; identifying a culture add more quickly in the hiring process and making it a greater priority
  • Ability to go past AI keyword scrubs and learn more about the candidate and what they have to offer beyond their GPA and Education
  • Global impact and reach as remote work has expanded the talent pool globally, "meet" talent globally prior to beginning interviews

Sohn continued, "People are ready to get back to work, and we are uniquely positioned to help employers kickstart that process. Not only can $1,000+ in savings per hire have a profound impact on the US economy, but what we're learning is that this deeply human, yet profoundly technology-first approach to hiring is positioning itself as the way forward amid this great rehire."

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