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Los Angeles, Feb. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Magnolia Media Network announces the release of the report "Best Background Check Services"

These days the best background check services are no longer an employee-only verification tool.

Instead, a background search can help families connect with long-lost relatives, look up old college friends, and even verify whether the people in their lives can be trusted. But with so many providers available, finding the best background check service is not as easy as people assume. 

That’s why this report has carefully reviewed the top options on the market. Continue reading to find out more about the top options on the market, including a quick overview of the alternatives available and some useful tips for conducting a background check online. 

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How The Best Background Check Services Were Evaluated

This review took various factors into consideration. Here are just a few of the main concerns below. 

Variety of Background Check Options - Companies had to offer at least three different types of background checks to qualify for this list. Those checks had to target the right areas like employment, criminal history, licenses, education, and more.

Price - The best tools do not come cheap. Still, it’s important that any money spent is equal to the features and results provided. This article made sure to consider subscription costs, one-time fees, and more. 

Customer Support - Customer care is vital in any industry whether in person, over the phone, or via online chat. It’s essential that issues are dealt with quickly and professionally. That’s why this article looked at how each site provided its customers with support. 

Interface - Arguably one of the most important features to any online background check site. The website’s interface, design, accessibility, and ease of navigation were critical factors that affected the ranking of this top 15 list. 

The Best Background Check Services

1. Truthfinder - Best Background Check Service for Criminal Records

This company offers customers unlimited background checks, which is perfect for employers and individuals who want to conduct multiple checks on different people. The site provides a wealth of information on each individual you are investigating or searching for.

Truthfinder Positives

  • Unlimited background checks
  • Self-monitoring tools
  • Impressive people finding capabilities

Truthfinder Drawbacks

  • No reverse phone lookup available

Truthfinder's ability to access both private and public databases makes it the ideal search tool when anyone has doubts about romantic interests as well as finding lost relatives, old friends, and other legitimate searches. Just be prepared to pay a lot to use this talented agency.

2. Intelius - Best Background Check Service for Connecting with Old Friends

Intelius is a background service that provides customers with an exhaustive amount of results as it looks at criminal histories, financial information, educational backgrounds, and so on. The site is a very thorough service that leaves no stone unturned.

Intelius Positives

  • Various search tools
  • Includes an education history
  • Useful visualizations

Intelius Drawbacks

  • Can't download reports

Intelius is a great tool to use when you're trying to find someone you went to elementary or high school with and want to reconnect with. Their use of graphs helps customers clearly see how all that information is related.

3. Instant checkmate - Best for Reverse Phone Lookups and Finding Social Media

Instant Checkmate takes its time and may delay you with a bunch of unnecessary comments like “surprising details,” etc. But the service does get to the results eventually.

Instant Checkmate Positives 

  • Reasonable cost
  • Very accurate and timely results
  • Good search tools

Instant Checkmate Drawbacks

  • You pay extra for downloading
  • Can't do single reports searches

Users can buy a one-month subscription that allows unlimited searches, or you can choose the 3-month package. Unfortunately, customers can't stop at just one and will need to pay unlimited checks to conduct one search. 

4. Employment Screening Resources - Best for Employers

Founded in 1997 by an attorney, this background check service is good for those companies needing help in labor and hiring practices. It uses US-based data processing to help deliver the information users are looking for, including background checks on romantic partners and other personal situations.

5. Accurate Now - Best for Small Businesses

Accurate Now is best for small and medium-sized businesses plus individuals who are looking for relatives or old friends they can't track down on their own. Unfortunately, if users want detailed information, it will cost over double their basic report.

6. GoodHire - Most Easy-to-Use Background Check Service

The easy to use online interface makes background checks easy for business owners and those private individuals who need to find the right information on romantic interests as well as prospective employees.

7. Verified Credentials - Best for Commercial Checks

While doing personal and commercial checks by employers, this service allows the private individual to see what kind of information is displayed. This helps all parties be prepared when questionable information is discussed in interviews, etc.

8. Intellicorp - Best for Legal Guidance and Support

This is a full-service background check company that does more than just employment-related searches. It has a wide menu of checks users can choose from. Plus, it offers a library of articles to help users stay within the law when conducting and using those searches.

9. Justifacts - Best for Customer Support

One of the older background search companies and that experience is always good for those businesses and personal clients when complete checks are needed. The company assigns an account manager to the client to make sure the information is accurate and to help the client understand the data provided.

10 Checkr - Great for High-Tech Companies

This one of the newer kids on the background search block and it is great for high-tech companies. This is due to its automated and mobile phone friendly platform. Even tech-illiterate fathers can easily use this company's services while at work.

11. InfoMart - Great for Business & Personal Use

If you want to know a romantic partner's credit history or a little more about their background, this service is one top option. InfoMart is a good service for employers who need more than a resume to make an employment decision.

12. Onfido - Automated System Perfect for Business and Personal Use

All background check services help the employer. This option has an automated system that should allow personal checks to go smoothly and flawlessly. Whether for business or personal reasons, you want that information without hassles, and this company can do that.

13. AGoodEmployee.com - Best Background Check for Employee Screening

With this service, you can choose between 4 search options. The cost ranges from cheap to expensive, but the quality of the report goes up with the price. Also, the results should answer most of your questions, whether the search is personal or business-related.

14. Sterling One - Best Criminal Background Check

When a person's criminal past is of the utmost importance to you, this company searches over 2300 county court records to get all the facts for you. They also use court runners to comb the county criminal records when the information is not online.

15. Trusted Employee - Experienced Background Check Service

Twenty years of experience says a lot. One thing it says is that this company knows its business. Their expertise should help both employers, and private individuals get the right data on the people they want to know more about.

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Background Check Services FAQs

Q: How do I know I am hiring a reputable company to search someone's claims?

A: One way to tell if the service is legitimate or not is by the type of claims the company makes. If the claims seem unrealistic or a bit outrageous, then that’s a red flag that tells you to investigate further before paying them any money.

Q: How do I do a background check on a romantic interest for my children or myself?

A: The first thing you need to do is make up a list of specifics you want to know. Just doing a blind search does not help the searches target the right databases to get the information you’re looking for.

Q: Is it legal to do personal background checks?

A: Yes, to a point it is, but users also have to be careful as it can open themselves up to risks that may allow the person they are checking out to sue them for a variety of legal offenses. 

Q: Are there databases the service I hire should avoid?

A: Not every background service or database is approved to do employer-employee background checks. If users use those types of unapproved databases or services, they again open themselves up to risks that can get them in legal trouble.

Q: What does a background check involve?

A: First, a background check helps confirm or verify the claims made by a potential romantic interest or employee. These checks can and do include employment histories, criminal record checks, financial data as well as educational claims.

These checks are normally done after the person has applied for a position at a company or has made some romantic claims.

Q: Do I need permission to do a background check?

A: In most cases, yes. Getting permission helps users avoid any legal hassles that may arise when the person of interest finds out about them being conducted. 

Q: What do I need to run a background check?

A: To do a successful check, you will need their name, date of birth, social security number, and current address. Some checks will also look at social media activity, the target person's driving record and any drug screenings they took, and more.

Q: Why would I need to do a background check on someone?

A: There are a variety of reasons why people would initiate a check. The two most popular reasons are for screening potential employees and romantic interests for yourself or your children, parents, and other relatives.

Other reasons include trying to find relatives who haven't been seen in many years, long-lost friends you want to reconnect with, or you just want to see what kind of information has been gathered about you.

Best Background Check Service: The Bottom Line

Background checks serve a purpose and have a legitimate place in society. They just need to be used responsibly and for legitimate purposes. The key to meeting those objectives is to use the best and most reputable background check service possible.

Their work may be expensive, but the results will ensure users get the information they’re looking for. Whether you want to make sure a new roommate can be trusted, or double-check the information someone online told you about themselves, background checks offer a quick and thorough solution. 

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