Ovation Fertility Releases Preliminary Findings of Ongoing Non-Invasive PGT-A Study

Ovation study launched in November 2020 is generating solid data and evidence-based best practices for non-invasive PGT-A, advancing the state of the art in genetic testing of embryos

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles, Feb. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ovation® Fertility’s Genetics program has released the initial findings of its ongoing study of non-invasive preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A). PGT-A is used to identify chromosomally normal embryos for transfer, increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy from IVF.

Among Ovation’s key findings to date: Amplification parameters and time in single drop culture are directly related to concordance with trophectoderm biopsy PGT-A results.

The study began in November 2020 and will continue on an ongoing basis, with more findings being released publicly as additional data become available.

Today, most PGT-A is performed invasively, with embryologists performing an embryo biopsy to remove individual cells from an embryo’s trophectoderm to be sent a specialized genetics laboratory for chromosomal testing, yielding a high degree of certainty in the results. This study examines the efficacy of an alternative, non-invasive form of testing, which uses cell-free DNA sourced from the culture media in which an embryo is growing in the IVF laboratory after fertilization and prior to freezing or transfer. Embryos in this study are tested both via biopsy and non-invasively, and the results of both tests are compared to determine their degree of concordance.

Non-invasive PGT-A has long been considered a promising technology, however, results of studies have been sporadic, with some producing unreliable results or low concordance with results from highly reliable PGT-A methods. Challenges in these studies have arisen from the small volume of embryo culture media, collection and handling of spent media, and validation of non-invasive PGT-A results, with the true karyotype of the embryos tested being uncertain.

By using the data from this study to improve protocols for sample collection and use of alternative DNA amplification technologies, Ovation is generating solid data and evidence-based best practices for non-invasive PGT-A to advance the state of the art in genetic testing of embryos.

“So far, these data are proving what we have long suspected: The longer the amount of time an embryo spends in culture media, the higher the level of concordance with results from invasive PGT-A,” says Amy Jones, MS, ELD (ABB), scientific director of Ovation Genetics. “Similarly, the starting quantity of cell-free DNA also has an impact on concordance. Small changes at each step of the process can impact the quality of the results. While our study is not complete, it is important for physicians to understand that non-invasive PGT-A may not yield the same high level of certainty as invasive PGT-A, but can still be a valuable and more cost-effective tool when more information about embryo quality is needed prior to embryo transfer.”

The study is expected to continue for several months, and includes Ovation partner fertility practices as well as clients of Ovation Genetics laboratories. For information about joining the study, fertility specialists or IVF laboratory directors can contact Jones at AJones@OvationFertility.com.

Learn more about Ovation Genetics at www.OvationFertility.com.

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Amy Jones, MS, ELD (ABB), Scientific Director, Ovation Genetics

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