Health Insurance Expert Gleans Years of In-Depth Research to Construct a Healthcare Plan That Will Benefit Both the United States and its Citizens

Author Thomas J. Scurlock, III creates a how-to guide for healthcare reform in his book, ‘Reforming Healthcare’

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Md., March 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After an election that was largely focused on healthcare reform in the United States, it is crucial for the leader of our country, along with the legislative branch, to implement a system that benefits not only the American people but also the country itself. Thomas J. Scurlock, III, an experienced health insurance expert, has found that solution after years of in-depth research into the United States healthcare system. Scurlock presents his examination of the current U.S. healthcare system in his debut book, "Reforming Healthcare: How to Fix the System Without the Destruction of the American Way" and proposes an entirely new system built from tangible solutions, including integrating existing healthcare insurance companies and implanting a tax plan to fund coverage.

Scurlock was inspired to write this book after listening to President Barack Obama discuss his healthcare plan. Scurlock was shocked by the cost of this federal statute, especially since the U.S. had an insurmountable debt. He began working on his own plan 12 years ago to provide a healthcare solution that would not add another trillion dollars to the national debt. Scurlock turned the 11 page summary of his research into this book to share his plan with political officials and U.S. citizens.

“When I finished creating this plan in 2010, I found that both political parties were more focused on implementing/demolishing Obama Care to truly review the plan I had developed,” said Scurlock. “With my book, I hope to encourage elected officials to reevaluate the landscape of health care in the U.S. and use this plan to benefit everyone.”

In “Reforming Healthcare,” Scurlock provides readers with detailed research to back up his proposal, before ending the book with comprehensive information on each point his plan presents. The easy-to-follow how-to guide will make it easy for U.S. citizens and politicians to grasp the revolutionary plan and see how it could positively change America’s healthcare system.

Reforming Healthcare: How to Fix the System Without the Destruction of the American Way”

By Thomas J. Scurlock, III

ISBN: 978-1-6641-2397-7 (softcover); 978-1-6641-2398-4 (hardcover)

Available at the Xlibris Online BookstoreAmazon and Barnes & Noble.


About the author

Thomas J. Scurlock, III is an expert on health care. Scurlock has spent years researching the health care industry in order to provide a positive solution that would benefit the United States and its citizens. He also was a stockbroker in New York City and was the CFO or controller for four companies. Currently, he works as an adjunct professor at Prince George’s Community College teaching entrepreneurship and resides in District Heights, Maryland. To connect with Scurlock, please visit his website:

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“Reforming Healthcare: How to Fix the System Without the Destruction of the American Way” by Thomas J. Scurlock, III

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