Kasamba’s New Advisor Suite Is Better Than Ever

NEW YORK, March 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Now that times are changing and more services are being offered online, user interface and navigation also has to keep up with the times! When offering services solely based on online resources, having a creme da la creme suite makes a world of a difference and takes your brand loyalty up a notch.

This approach has been successfully implemented by an online psychic advisor chat platform called Kasamba, which has been around for more than twenty years. Kasamba has always been an online service but with that, for the past two decades, the brand has managed to transform its operations so that it keeps up with demand and new technological ideas.

While they always optimize their end-user interface, they also focus on the other end — their advisors who have guided and helped thousands of people along their life path. Recently, they’ve introduced their detailed advisor suite, which aids their trusted advisors in communicating with their clients on various levels.

This update has, for the most part, been well thought of, taking their advisors usability as a key focal point. From user-friendly navigation to using emojis in order to provide a better feel to their chats, this advisor suite has really contributed towards client optimization.

So, what are the features?

Intuitive interface
The interface is bigger, bolder, and of course, makes everything better. All the tabs, options, and categories are easy to reach with just one click of a button.

Virtual sticky notes

This is a crucial addition, as it helps the advisor write notes regarding the details of their client. The sticky notes are placed in the chat room itself and will come up every time the user chats to the advisor. The sticky notes are editable, there’s no restriction in character count, and new information can be added every time a chat (by the same user) is initiated. This is exceptionally helpful and contributes towards client dedication, as the advisor will be able to easily pick up from where the chat was left from.

Basic client details

The advisor will be able to see if a client is new or returning. They will see the client’s alias and ID, together with what type of device the client is using (smartphone/tablet). This is important as these basic insights can give the advisor some background information. For example, Kasamba mostly uses online text chats and sometimes it takes a particular client longer to reply if they are using a smartphone as opposed to a laptop. Essentially, the advisor will be able to understand this and in most cases, will know that replies from their client may take a little longer (or even faster).


The chat box itself has had a major revamp, giving the advisor one chat box for both sides of the conversation. Before there were two windows and oftentimes, resorted to confusion amongst the new advisors. Now it’s just one chat box that is super simple to use, just as you would with Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and so on.


Emojis have taken over the world and using these in spiritual, deep-rooted, and emotional conversations give the opportunity to better convey the message across.

Message optimizations

Keeping things organized within the messaging department should come with high standards. This is to give not only the advisor ease of use but also the client. The new advisor suite comes with an array of messaging optimizations such as:

  • Scheduling a message to a client
  • A concise breakdown of clients, otherwise known as a client list. The advisor will be able to now distinguish between each client and get basic information such as client name, ID, number of sessions, and the date & time of the last session.
  • The advisor can sort their clients by filters and also has a favorite list.


Kasamba will keep on developing and updating the advisor suite so that it can be optimized in every way possible, ensuring a satisfied user experience for both the advisors and end-users.

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