Sibros Teams with STMicroelectronics to Deliver Next Generation OTA for Connected Vehicles

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sibros Technologies, a pioneer of deep Over-the-Air (OTA) connected vehicle systems, today announced a collaboration with global semiconductor leader STMicroelectronics, within the ST Partner Program.

Through the cooperation, Sibros has paired its Deep OTA Updater and Logger embedded applications with the ST Smart Gateway Platform (SGP), featuring STA1385 Automotive Microprocessor, SPC58NH Automotive Microcontroller and a Secure element.

Developers working with Sibros-enabled ST products can now rapidly integrate, test and deploy out-of-the-box OTA innovations for deep Electronics Control Unit (ECU) software updates, live data logging, remote commands, predictive maintenance and more, in support of connected vehicle prototyping, validation testing and production launches.

The combined solution takes full advantage of ST’s reference smart gateway platform featuring STA1385 microprocessor as OTA orchestrator receiving and authenticating firmware updates and forwarding to the SPC58NH microcontroller for dispatching to the target ECU.

The STA1385 and SPC58NH processors feature an embedded HSM and a wide range of connectivity capabilities to ensure secure, fast and high data rate communication across all ECUs that seamlessly work with Sibros’ OTA cloud platform to orchestrate software update rollouts, optimize fleet health and protect connected vehicle data across any set of makes, models or geographies.

“ST products play a critical role in the future of software defined and connected vehicle innovation. By meshing Sibros’ award winning OTA solutions with ST’s market leading gateway and controller products, our mutual customers can tap into a powerful combination of secure, reliable and high performance chipsets to bring never before seen connected vehicle services to the marketplace,” stated Mayank Sikaria, CTO of Sibros.

“As a leading supplier for Smart driving solutions, ST offers a complete set of cybersecurity products to enable the growing need of technologies for automotive over-the-air software updates,” said Luca Rodeschini, Automotive Processing and RF Division General Manager, STMicroelectronics. “Sibros’ Deep OTA Updater and Logger embedded applications effectively complement ST processors’ portfolio and deliver a high performance, robust and comprehensive solution for connected vehicles,” added Rodeschini.

Founded by former Tesla, Faraday, Uber and GM engineers, Sibros developed one of the first deep OTA software update and data management platforms designed to work on any vehicle network architecture and with all in-vehicle ECUs, compliant with GDPR, WP.29 and other critical functional safety, cybersecurity and data privacy standards frameworks. The company’s solutions have been adopted by some of the world's most valuable automotive industry startups and manufacturers who seek to securely manage all in-vehicle software and data across vehicles, networks and the cloud, from R&D to end-of-life to enable the connected vehicle ecosystem of the future.

Sibros’ software-first approach empowers OEMs to reduce software recalls while addressing hundreds of connected vehicle use cases spanning fleet management, predictive maintenance, owner personalization, data monetization and beyond. For more information about Sibros OTA solutions available on the ST family of products, visit the Sibros ST Authorized Partner profile.

Further Technical Information:

SGP (SPC58NH) running Sibros OTA

  • SGP’s ASIL-D rated microprocessor manages tasks requiring the highest degree of reliability such as orchestrating deep ECU updates via Sibros’ Update Manager
  • The joint solution provides flexible software update or data logging connectivity options over CAN, LIN, FlexRay or Ethernet
  • Embedded HSM and ST33 Secure element can be leveraged to accelerate and secure cryptography functions
  • The Sibros Data Bridge encodes, forwards and logs data from any vehicle bus to the Sibros Deep OTA Logger for high bitrate cloud transmission

SGP (STA1385) running Sibros OTA

  • SGP’s microprocessor enables non-volatile storage of packages and logs across 16GB of eMMC
  • Sibros’ Deep Logger manages non-volatile data log storage and transmits live data to the cloud
  • Sibros’ ECU Package Manager negotiates OTA with the cloud to store packages and streams live updates through its’ embedded Update Manager
  • Cloud connectivity can be enabled through any wifi or 4G/5G LTE module or directly through the integrated ethernet switch
  • Embedded HSM and ST33 Secure element can be leveraged for key storage and accelerated cryptography

About Sibros

Led by a team of automotive and telematics industry patent holders and experts, Sibros' mission is to enable the connected vehicle ecosystem by managing the software and data for every vehicle on the road to ensure a safer, more secure and reliable connected mobility experience of the future. The Sibros Deep Connectivity Platform (DCP) offers a holistic connected vehicle system to help automakers reduce software defects/recalls and innovate new connected services with full vehicle OTA software updates and data collection that runs on any vehicle architecture. Sibros was named 2021 Connected Car Platform of the Year by IoT Breakthrough, 2020 Data Management Platform of the Year by AutoTech Breakthrough and winner of the 2020 Mobility Innovation Awards by The Society of Automotive Analysts. To learn more about the Silicon Valley based company, visit

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