Benchmark Corp. brings Hunters’ leading open XDR platform to Canadian market

NEWTON, Mass. and TEL AVIV, Israel, March 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hunters today announced Benchmark Corp, a trusted, leading Canadian solution provider focused on DevSecOps to optimize operations, boost productivity and support scalable growth, will be offering Hunters’ open XDR, a revolutionary SOC detection and response platform, to its customers in Canada.

This value-added reseller partner agreement marks Hunters’ first entry into the Canadian market with the partnership further expanding Hunters’ family of cybersecurity solutions.

Hunters’ open XDR harnesses adversary expertise and machine learning to proactively detect and respond to threats across the entire attack surface - on endpoint, cloud, network, identity and email. SaaS-delivered, Hunters seamlessly ingests petabytes of organizational data and security telemetry to search for alerts, identifying it even out of the noisiest attack signals, and automatically analyze, score and correlate threat signals. The results are better detection and response, cost and scale without the pain of data ownership and use of security talent.

Out-of-the-box, Hunters provides these detection and response capabilities:

  • Advanced automated analytics that reduce time to detect and to respond with hunting-based detection that interconnects telemetry across endpoint, identity, cloud, network, email, investigates and correlates both low fidelity and high fidelity signals

  • Data ownership which removes vendor lock by provisioning your own data lake and using Hunters’ automated threat analysis, and investigation workflows against your raw data

  • Usage-based pricing saves significantly by allocating appropriate compute resources as needed for actual workloads

“We are excited to partner with Hunters and integrate them into Benchmark’s security strategy and managed services,” said Ali Afshari, vice president of security at Benchmark. “After an exhaustive search into current XDR providers, it became clear that Hunters’ cloud-based focus and capability to digest diverse information, and their ability to detect and more importantly respond to security threats was a generational leap from current solutions in the market.”

Adds Chris Sullivan, Hunters’ head of alliances & channels: “Benchmark delivers fully integrated, innovative solutions to a broad set of customers from diverse verticals. Customers will reduce the time it takes to detect and respond with hunting-based detection that interconnects telemetry across endpoint, identity, cloud, network and email. This expansion into the Canadian market is a significant step in Hunters’ global partner growth strategy.”

Watch a demo here to learn more about Hunters’ open, knowledge-powered XDR.

About Hunters

Hunters - Security Made Better. The Hunters’ XDR platform scales threat detection and response across the attack surface, helping companies maximize value from their security investments, boosting SOC impact, and enabling analysts to focus on what matters. Hunters flexibly integrates with security tools such as EDR, cloud, identity, network, and others, connecting all telemetry using a proprietary knowledge graph, and automatically contextualizing, correlating and investigating threat signals, turning them into actionable findings. Coupled with data lake technology, Hunters offers a modern SIEM alternative that is agile and scales with your organizational needs. Learn more at Hunters.AI.

About Benchmark Corp.

Founded in 2003, Benchmark is a proven Canadian IT solutions provider that delivers leading-edge expertise and custom solutions, with flexible financing, to its long-term commercial and enterprise customers. We focus on helping customers cost-efficiently transform their data center and meet other business needs with innovative solutions that optimize operations, boost productivity and support scalable growth. Learn more about Benchmark Corp.

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