Gatsby 3.0 Sets New Standard for Frontend Jamstack Solutions with Breakthroughs in the Developer Experience, Performance, and Edge Readiness

Incremental Builds, Enhanced Image Handling, Updated React and GraphQL Support, and More Make Developing in Gatsby Fast, Fun and Easy

BERKELEY, Calif., March 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gatsby, Inc., creators of the Gatsby open-source project, today announced the availability of Gatsby 3.0, a breakthrough in performance and integration capabilities for the leading frontend Jamstack solution. Based on React, Gatsby provides developers with the tools they need to seamlessly integrate different content and data sources into blazing fast, feature-rich, beautiful web experiences, while delivering a fast, fun and easy development experience. Powerful features now available in Gatsby 3.0 include Incremental Builds that deliver fast local build speeds, enhanced image handling for better performance and flexibility, and support for the latest versions of React and GraphQL for improved performance.

Gatsby 3.0 Enhancements
Gatsby is the fastest growing frontend framework for building web experiences that integrate content from multiple data sources using a content hub architecture built on GraphQL. A growing ecosystem of over 2,500 plugins makes Gatsby 3.0 the best platform for building complex, integrated sites that deliver the best visitor experience, security, and performance a static site can provide. Users can easily integrate data from traditional and headless CMSs, ecommerce platforms, SaaS applications, business application databases, Markdown files and more. Gatsby 3.0 has been enhanced in the following areas:

  • Improved developer experience – The new Incremental Builds feature allows developers and content editors to build and deploy only pages that have been modified, rather than rebuilding and deploying the entire site whenever there is a change. This enables Gatsby to power larger sites than before due to the reduced build times following site changes. The new Gatsby image plugin works seamlessly with GraphQL queries so images can reside in any data repository and the enhanced image processing capabilities optimize image loading for a better visitor experience.
  • Better performance – Gatsby 3.0 can power increased web traffic by improving site performance as measured with Lighthouse. The new image handling feature can automatically optimize images from any source. Based on user-configurable parameters, new images are rendered as cropped JPEG, PNG and the highly compressed, next-generation AVIF format in a variety of sizes for optimized delivery on all screen sizes. User-configurable image loading settings enable optimal image delivery in the most efficient format. By optimizing the formats, sizes and delivery of images, Gatsby provides the best possible visitor experience and measurably better performance for sites and web applications. When optimally implemented, the modern model of building sites with Gatsby – leveraging static site generation and optimal image handling – delivers consistently great Lighthouse scores and more search traffic.
  • Improved edge readiness – The edge network readiness of Gatsby 3.0 provides a great operational experience. Gatsby 3.0 supports the latest versions of React, Node and GraphQL. Gatsby 3.0 is also now the default version for Gatsby Cloud, which provides a seamless SaaS environment for developing, building, deploying, and operating sites on an edge network specifically optimized to deliver great Gatsby experiences with consistent site deployment times.

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