Ndau to Be Listed on Bittrex Global Exchange as an Adaptive Store of Value

The world’s first adaptive digital currency, ndau, announced its upcoming listing on the popular Bittrex Global exchange.

Isle of Man, March 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world’s first adaptive digital currency, ndau, announced its upcoming listing on the popular Bittrex Global exchange. The news comes as institutional investors show a growing interest in the space but see limited options for a long-term store of value. Ndau provides a solution with the introduction of a new category of digital asset that is optimized for these purposes.

The currency’s appeal comes from its flexibility. Ndau counts on built-in monetary policy that stabilizes its price while counteracting deflationary pressures. This allows it to benefit from the overall growth of the market while mitigating volatility and downside risks. A feature that overcomes existing barriers to the long-term holding of digital assets.

One way ndau achieves adaptability is through the implementation of demand driven supply. No new ndau is issued until supply is exceeded by market demand. This way, its price is paced safely through a predetermined curve. Ndau also applies a mechanism that prevents massive sell-offs. An escalating burn fee is triggered every time ndau’s market price drops more than 5 percent. This is designed to stabilize downward market pressure.

Another important characteristic of ndau is that it’s built on an efficient Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm that incentivizes long-term holders. Besides the improvements this brings to the overall scalability of the network, it also means users are able to stake their holdings in exchange for passive income. These staking bonuses are received from simply locking ndau in their own wallets and reach up to 15 percent per year when locked for three years. Different from other programs, ndau stakers don’t need to rely on third-party services to hold and stake their assets.

“As the mainstream mass market adopts currencies like bitcoin and ether, ndau is a wonderful portfolio complement to these more volatile currencies since it enables the same growth potential in a paced and stabilized way. The yields provided thanks to a next generation Delegated Proof of Stake implementation with native in-wallet locking are a feature long-term holders will also appreciate.” – Oneiro Director Robert Frasca.

Ndau is designed to be a decentralized and trusted ecosystem where holders digitally self-govern. The network is governed by the Blockchain Policy Council which consists of regularly elected delegates that oversee operations and ndau’s monetary policy.

By participating in Bittrex Global’s $600 million daily trading volume, ndau introduces traders to a hedge against volatility that is also a sustainable store of value. The asset is currently priced at $17 with a market capitalization of $82 million.

About Ndau

Ndau is an adaptive digital currency built by Oneiro to optimize for long-term store of value and supported by a decentralized ecosystem. It is built on the Tendermint protocol and is compatible with the Cosmos Network for the development of DeFi applications. Designed with built-in economic structures that incentivize both stability and potential for growth, ndau provides all the benefits of a digital currency while promoting more fair and accountable governance, dependability, and greater safety for owners not found in existing cryptocurrencies. Ndau is not pegged to fiat currencies or commodities, allowing for more desirable characteristics for long-term holders in particular.

About Bittrex Global

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Ndau to Be Listed on Bittrex Global Exchange as an Adaptive Store of Value