City Shoppe, The Digital Tourism and Discovery Platform, Launches Austin Shoppe, Supporting Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Female-founded Startup Debuts Third E-Commerce Shopping Location to Help Tourists to Shop ATX from the Comfort of Home while Bolstering the Local Economy

PORTLAND, Ore., March 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- City Shoppe, the premier e-commerce platform dedicated to “Digital Tourism,” announced today that it has launched its newest digital shopping location: Austin, Texas. The addition of Austin to the City Shoppe platform is the third locale on the City Shoppe platform, which plans to expand to fifteen in the coming months. The ever-growing, female-founded, shopping platform includes small, local businesses -- known as “Shoppes” -- and continues to encourage consumers to become more conscious in their purchases, while also strengthening local economies nationwide by uplifting local small and medium-sized businesses.

“Austin and all its quirkiness is the perfect expression of Digital Tourism when so many of us are aching to travel or share a little piece of our world with one another,” said Ash Cintas, founder and CEO of City Shoppe. “Even sometimes with our busy lives, sometimes customers are unaware of the local treasures just up the street that big box retailers can never fulfill. We want to help bring that iconic ATX experience home. Our curated Austin-local Shoppes want to provide that unique delight to show off the art and design that innately is this growing city.”

City Shoppe was founded during the COVID-19 Pandemic to bring the local shopping experience virtual. Hinging on the growing “Digital Tourism” movement, City Shoppe’s shoppers peruse and discover highly curated and cultivated retailers and brands, to build the connection with a locale they wish they could be traveling to, while also bolstering that local economy. Shipping is included, but curbside delivery is available if the customer or gift recipient is local.

A true twist to “Buy Local,” City Shoppe is a two-way marketplace by also empowering small business owners to automate their businesses and grow their revenues. City Shoppe offers a suite of attractive, white-glove services to Shoppes vendors, including page creation, 24/7 customer support, scheduled shipping and delivery, brand recognition and discovery, cross-marketing opportunities, and automatic POS integration and website synchronizing.

City Shoppe positively impacts local economies by helping keep revenue from City Shoppe purchases within cities through state taxes. Research shows that when consumers spend $100 at a national chain, only $43 stays in the community, while “buying local” allows on average about $25 more to stay in that community.

“We fill a void that listens to and helps those small to medium retailers who need to harken the consumers looking for something special and also compete in the space between Amazon or Etsy,” said Cintas, a former small business owner herself. “It’s difficult to compete online and scale, nevermind the layered difficulty of being a retailer during the Pandemic. Local businesses need help, and City Shoppe is that solution.”

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About City Shoppe
City Shoppe is an inspired shopping platform that brings local business global. Founded in 2018 by Ashley Cintas, City Shoppe is a two-sided marketplace to help consumers easily shop locally in any city while also empowering small business owners to automate their businesses and grow their revenues. City Shoppe is currently being piloted in Portland, OR, and will expand to more cities around the country by late 2020.

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