Janet Chihocky Launches “The Communications Podcast”

JANSON, today announced the launch of The Communications Podcast with Janet Chihocky.

Manassas, VA,

Manassas, VA, March 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Janet Chihocky, Founder and Chief Branding Officer of JANSON, today announced the launch of her new podcast, The Communications Podcast with Janet Chihocky. The Podcast focuses on topics such as The 3 S’s Required for Growth, the Communications Value Bridge, the 4 P’s of Promotion and a host of discussions geared toward business owners and working professionals.

Understanding communications is a vital skill. A dedicated and award-winning public speaker in high school, Chihocky says she “fell in love with communications” at a very young age. “I realized how much I enjoyed motivating people and the impact of value-driven communications,” she says. This love of communications led Chihocky first to join the corporate marketing team of a growing aerospace company, and then at the age of 27 to found JANSON, the premier company specializing in physical, virtual, and digital communication solutions for military, defense, and federal customers.

Growing A Business In Tough Times

Like many business owners who start out with nothing more than an idea, Chihocky learned the how-to’s of running her business the hard way – right after 9/11. Handling a split with her business partner, putting her house on the line, even facing down bankruptcy – her prayers and her passion for helping people bring their missions to life kept her going.

19 years later, the lessons she learned have allowed JANSON to weather the pandemic without even applying for a PPP loan. “I’ve learned a lot from success, and I’ve learned even more from failure,” says Chihocky. “In this podcast, I want to share the tips and tricks and values that I’ve learned about how to look at communications and the pursuit of your mission from a very realistic and applicable perspective.”

A New Look At Communications

Communications is the art of translating your experience into the specific value you bring to the person or organization you are helping. Chihocky calls this “walking the value bridge,” and she has dedicated a full episode of the new podcast to exploring it.

The Communications Podcast

Episode 1: The Communications Podcast Launch

Episode 2: Walk and Talk the Communications Value Bridge

Episode 3: The 3 S’s Required for Growth—Part 1: Strategy

Episode 4: The 3 S’s Required for Growth—Part 2: Structure

Listen to The Communications Podcast.


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The Communications Podcast with Janet Chihocky