Fierce Medtech names Hyperfine as one of its “Fierce 15” companies of 2020

GUILFORD, Conn., March 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hyperfine Research has been named by Fierce Medtech as one of 2020’s Fierce 15, designating it as one of the most innovative and creative private companies in the industry with its category-defining Swoop™ Portable MR Imaging System. Swoop™ wheels directly to the patient’s bedside to obtain images of the brain in real-time and enables the clinical team to provide focused care without logistical distraction. Swoop™ plugs into a standard electrical wall outlet and is controlled by an Apple iPad® to obtain images for patients of all ages.

The 9th annual Fierce 15 program recognizes 15 private companies from around the world with big, breakthrough ideas that can move the needle and make a significant impact on patients’ lives. This year’s full list of winners can be viewed online at

“Hyperfine’s mission, every day, is to ferociously pursue accessible, equitable care for every patient, everywhere,” commented Dr. Khan Siddiqui, Hyperfine’s Chief Medical Officer. “We are delighted to be part of this prestigious group of companies recognized by the Fierce 15 program.”

“Each member of this year’s class of Fierce 15 stands out in a different way, but they all overcame a year of unforgettable obstacles, making each of their successes that much more significant — and all have the potential to deliver changes in healthcare that promises to outlast this pandemic,” said Conor Hale, associate editor of Fierce Medtech.

ABOUT MRI and the Swoop™ Portable MR Imaging System

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field, radio waves, and a computer to produce detailed pictures of the body's internal structures that are clearer, more detailed, and more likely in some instances to identify and accurately characterize disease than other imaging methods. However, fixed MRI systems can be inconvenient and inaccessible for providers and patients, particularly when time is critical. Transport to the MR suite demands complicated scheduling coordination, moving patients, and, often, 4- to 6-hour patient backlogs — all of which compromise the utility of MRI as a diagnostic tool in time-sensitive settings, such as intensive care units and emergency rooms. Furthermore, high capital investments, electrical power needs, and significant maintenance requirements present barriers to adoption across all populations, acutely so for developing countries and rural geographies.

Swoop™ addresses the limitations of current imaging technologies and makes MRI accessible anytime, anywhere, to any patient.  Designed as a complementary system to traditional MRIs at a fraction of the cost, images that display the internal structure of the head are captured by Swoop™ at the patient’s bedside, with results in minutes, enabling critical decision-making capabilities across a variety of clinical settings. Hyperfine received market-ready FDA clearance for its portable MR imaging for the brain and head of patients of all ages in August 2020, and received an additional clearance for its deep-learning image analysis software in January 2021.  Since its launch, Swoop™ has been honored repeatedly, as one of two finalists for the Best New Radiology Vendor of 2020 by Aunt Minnie, the winner of the  American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) 2020 incubatED Medical Device Innovation Challenge, with a Best Practices Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan, and most recently as a 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree from CES

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About Hyperfine Research

Hyperfine lives to make MR imaging available to everyone.  The Swoop™ Portable MR Imaging System is the result of a total rethink of MR’s potential in the healthcare landscape. What if MR imaging didn’t require a dedicated suite, extensive training or expensive upkeep? Let’s use the wonders of high-field MRI for the appropriate patients, and deploy Swoop™ at the point-of-care for everyone else.  Hyperfine is part of 4Catalyzer, a health technology incubator with facilities in CT, NY, CA and Taiwan.

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