RICOH360 Tours Releases AI Video Maker in Its Platform

The AI Video Maker is a new feature that automatically generates promotional videos from existing 360˚ images through Artificial Intelligence

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CAMPBELL, Calif., March 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RICOH360 Tours, a service of Ricoh Company Limited, the only truly complete and affordable 360° virtual tour solution under one global brand, today announced the launch of AI Video Maker feature.

The AI Video Maker is a new feature released that automatically generates promotional videos from existing 360˚ images through Artificial Intelligence. The AI Video Maker auto generates a video that looks like a walkthrough of the property.

A Sample Tour & its Video generated by AI Video Maker can be found below:

■ RICOH360 Tours is used in Sales and Marketing

The virtual tour platform RICOH360 Tours has been supporting sales and marketing operations in Real Estate & other industries as a cloud service that allows anyone from anywhere to virtually view "Spaces" online without having to visit the site. AI Video Maker enables automatic marketing video creation at the touch of a button and will enhance the Sales and Marketing efforts for real estate agents in a big way.

Last year, we released the Export 2D Photo feature, which enables users to automatically export 2D photos from 360˚ images, which are currently used for marketing real estate properties. Now, with the release of the AI Video Maker, we have further empowered real estate agents in their sales & marketing efforts towards real estate properties.

■  AI Video Maker to support video marketing

The AI Video Maker is a function that automatically generates promotional videos from existing 360˚ images.

By simply selecting up to 15 of your top 360˚ images, RICOH's AI technology will auto-generate a Marketing Video of your property. This video will be as realistic as if you took the video in person.

Since the video can be generated automatically based on the RICOH360 virtual tour, the time and cost previously spent filming at the property or facility can now be drastically reduced.

The video created can be shared on social media, websites, and YouTube to convey the appeal of the property.

■  AI Video Maker made possible by RICOH's AI Technology

RICOH's AI technology has learned from the vast amount of visual data accumulated since the launch of the RICOH THETA. The AI is able to identify points of interest that customers like from millions of 360˚ property images and automatically generates a video. This Marketing Video created by the AI Video Maker is unique and appealing and can be used for marketing efforts that use videos.

In addition, when combined with the AI Super Resolution Function by RICOH, an AI-based super-resolution technology for 360˚ images, anyone can automatically generate attractive promotional videos from high-quality 360˚ images.

The AI Video Maker for RICOH360 Tours can be used in any pricing plan without limitations. 

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