5 Top Female Mindset Coaches Changing Lives in 2021


Here is our list of the 5 Top Female Mindset Coaches Changing Lives in 2021.

If you are looking to make more money, shift your perspective, or simply just live a better life, you must optimize your mindset.

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● Devin Roscillo (@devin_beyondbold)

Our first selection Devin Roscillo, an Intuitive Mindset, Soul Expression Coach & the founder of Beyond BOLD. Devin helps silenced women become magnetic by owning their voices and claiming their power. Beyond BOLD’s mission is to activate women to create lives and businesses Beyond Our Loudest Desires.

Devin developed her Expression Revolution coaching framework to guide her clients on a powerful soul-journey where they discover their limitless potential and embody their highest selves. Devin helps entrepreneurs ready to finally own the power of their voices become bold, authentically self-expressed, and magnetic to their soul-aligned relationships.

When aligned and activated, her clients create offers that light them up, attract the clients they’ve been dying to work with, vulnerably share their stories, open their hearts to meaningful relationships, and bend the rules by doing it all their way. If you are an entrepreneur seeking a magical up-level of a lifetime, connect with Devin here.

● Robyn Thrasher (@robynthrasherfitness)

Our second selection, Robyn Thrasher, is a motivational fitness expert with 25 years of experience. She is a mindset and habit coach and an author whose first book will release in 2022.

After overcoming a life-threatening spinal injury, Robyn founded Relentless by Robyn Thrasher Fitness to help others overcome adversity and pursue the life they imagine. Her mission is to be a light for the broken. To lead others to rise above trauma, self-sabotage, and “life happens” moments that keep them from living alive.

Robyn’s Relentless Transformation Experience (RTX) brings clients through her 7-step success journey of self-discovery and breakthroughs in fitness, career, relationships, and personal growth. Partnered with Robyn’s transparent, tough love and raw mindset revelations, RTX has helped thousands of people nation-wide find their freedom physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her core coaching principles: Face your giants, live alive, never give up and keep going will transform your life from the inside out.

To learn more about Robyn’s coaching programs click here.

● Tasha Madison (@theTashaMadison)

At third, Tasha Madison is the principal coach and CEO of Hero Academy. Creator of the Hero Blueprint. Tasha’s superpower helps people become the hero of their own lives with her Be Your Own Hero training. Her coaching offers freedom from limiting beliefs and mindset masks that prevent one’s true self-discovery and optimization. She helps her clients “create a roadmap for pursuing passions, avoiding self-sabotage, and leveraging unique abilities that lead to optimal performance, laser focus, and greater fulfillment.” Tasha’s clients have “boosted their confidence and clarity about their personal and professional goals.”

“By investing in your self-discovery, you give yourself the permission and power to forge a deeper connection to who you are and who you were meant to be,” says Madison. Whether you are a single parent or a CEO, you can connect with Tasha by clicking here.

● Michelle Lappin (Dr.Michellemarie)

Our fourth selection, Michelle Lappin, is the founder of Dr. Michelle Marie Wealth Coaching. Michelle’s mission is to educate, empower, & equip families fed up and frustrated with their finances to build and live a wealthy lifestyle. Michelle is a Certified Mindset, Goal Success, & Financial Coach as well as a Doctoral Candidate.

Michelle uses her WEALTH Coaching Program to help her clients achieve wealth by understanding their financial habits, reshaping their money mindset, and aligning them with their financial goals. 9 out of 10 clients begin to “see the light at the end of the tunnel” within 30 days. (You may book a call with Michelle and her team by clicking here)

● Naomi L Brown (@NaomiBrown)

Our fifth selection, Naomi Brown, is the founder of Harmony Business and Life Solutions and is a business consultant and transformative mindset coach.

In a short period of six months, Naomi has built a company that focuses on two service areas for her clients: business development/management and transformative mindset coaching for women globally. Naomi over-delivers and creates an international community for her clients by offering one-to-one person-centered solutions around individual limiting beliefs surrounding identity, confidence, and worth. Naomi has developed a mini web series called ‘Warrior Wednesdays,’ which embraces the stories of individuals worldwide, focusing on their transformation from pain to power. She has developed packages of confidence coaching suited to all areas of the market’s needs and revenue with the objective every woman can benefit from her coaching. (you may contact Naomi’s team via Facebook)

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Top 5 Female Mindset Coaches

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