Flottman Company presents SAFE PRINT 360TM, our unique antimicrobial protective print coating that incorporates advanced silver ion technologies to inhibit the growth of unwanted bacterial microbes on printed surfaces.

Crestview Hills, Kentucky, UNITED STATES

Cincinnati, Ohio - Northern Kentucky, March 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Introducing Safe Print 360, Flottman Company’s new antimicrobial substrate coating, formulated to inhibit 99% of bacterial replication and growth on ANY printed surface.  Flottman Company is a Certified Woman’s Business Enterprise, third generation, family-owned, privately-held, print manufacturer celebrating 100 years of printing expertise.  Flottman specializes in commercial printing, both digital and offset as well as the production of miniature folded and printed pharmaceutical literature.  The silver ion enhanced Safe Print 360 is the latest addition to the print arsenal.  The Safe Print 360 antimicrobial coating establishes 24/7 product safety and peace of mind for the lifetime of the printed piece.  


“People are anxious for a return to normal and are looking for solutions that enhance safety and hygiene; our unique Safe Print 360 antimicrobial coating offers just such a solution for any of our print projects.”  - Sue Flottman Steller, President of Flottman Company


The active silver ion ingredients in Safe Print 360 were specially formulated for Flottman Company; enabling them to provide an additional defense against bacterial microbes that could damage or degrade printed materials.  Integration into any print project is simple and fully comprehensive, covering the article with 360-degree protection.  Safe Print 360 uses antimicrobial technology that adheres to the printed items, enabling them to “sanitize themselves.” Unlike disinfectants that only offer short-term protection and must be continually reapplied, Safe Print 360 adheres to the surface of the printed material providing 24/7 permanent protection for the lifetime of that printed article. 


“Research shows that bacteria can be transferred to paper, survive on it and subsequently contaminate hands.  Paper, therefore, can serve as a vehicle for the cross-contamination of bacteria.”  -- American Journal of Nursing


Safe Print 360 provides advanced hygiene and self-cleaning science, easily applicable to any print project:

  • Reduces 99% of microbes on ANY printed surface
  • Advanced antimicrobial technology inhibits replication and growth of bacteria
  • 24/7 lifetime protection for your printed piece against bacterial microbes that can cause degradation, stains, damage and odors
  • 100% safe, non-leaching, suitable for human, animal and indirect food packaging and print.
  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable
  • Ideal for use within healthcare services, food industries, airlines, schools, supermarkets, nursing homes, churches, hotels, event venues, sporting events and restaurants
  • Easily incorporated into ANY print project for example direct mailers, postcards, brochures, menus, business cards and more
  • The active ingredient is EPA-registered and FDA-approved


Flottman Company has initiated multiple Safe Print 360 projects and through the advancement of science and technology is increasing safety and enhancing peace of mind for the use of printed materials.  Contact any of our team at Flottman Company for more information about Safe Print 360 and how we can offer cleaner, healthier living via additional security for your printed items.  Call 859.331.6636 or email




About the Flottman Company:

Flottman Company is a privately held, family-owned, 100-year young print manufacturing facility headquartered in Northern Kentucky.  Flottman Company is a Certified Woman’s Business Enterprise in its third generation of family leadership.  Flottman specializes in commercial printing and the production of miniature folded and printed pharmaceutical literature.  

Flottman Company: One Company, Many Solutions is also home to FUSIONWRX Inc (Marketing Specialists) and Rxperts Group (Complete Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions.)

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Image One:  Flottman Company’s Safe Print 360TM 

Flottman Company’s Safe Print 360TM Antimicrobial Coating is EPA registered and FDA approved - 24/7 lifetime protection for your printed piece against bacterial microbes that can cause degradation, stains, damage and odors. Image Two:  Flottman Company is a Women Owned Business Enterprise

Flottman Company is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise specializing in commercial printing and pharmaceutical literature miniature folding and printing of informational inserts.

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