Coastline College Wants to Save the Economy & Get You Employed

ORANGE COUNTY, CA, March 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are still 10 million Americans who remain out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic, yet there are almost 7 million jobs that need to be filled. America is still in the midst of an economic crisis due to the rise of unemployment. Although some industries have shut down, there is a silver lining, a real solution to this predicament, and it comes from -- Community Colleges. Colleges like Coastline can be another antidote in response to the fallout from the pandemic by helping transition people into new jobs and careers, and in doing so, improve not only the economy, but increase the size of an individual’s bank account.

What many people do not know is that there is a workforce shortage in many new top-paying jobs that are in high demand for 2021 and beyond. There has been a market disruption, to be sure, but now we are seeing this is truly a “transition economy”, not only as a result of the pandemic, but because the Baby Boomer generation is aging out, and automation is shifting job types available. And for many of the hot jobs in demand, a full degree is not needed.  Just getting started with a certificate in a new field can help dip one’s toe in the employment water and get them hired, with perhaps the rest of their certificate, and quite possibly their degree paid for by their new employer. Get into a big company and you may see some other benefits too in employee stock options, paid time off, sick days, a 401(k), health insurance and, in some cases, a healthy signing bonus.

Community colleges like Coastline College are providing financially workable educational training for these in-demand career jobs and offer the best opportunity of the most up-to-date training to millions of Americans who have become unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of these new jobs require only 8-weeks or a few months of instruction for certification.  What  are some of the hot jobs in demand?

Infrastructure, logistics supply management, e-commerce, utilities, accounting, business, digital marketing, as well as the technology industry, emergency management, nursing, and teaching. Then there are the fields where there are already shortages: health care, cybersecurity, information technology, engineers, estimators, manufacturing, transportation, law enforcement and, professional and business services.

In an age of “being hacked” online, the U.S. is producing only 48 cybersecurity experts for every 100 jobs it needs to be filled. This is Coastline College’s crown jewel academic program. Every year Coastline churns out student success stories where the students are hired before they even graduate with an AA degree. Many of them get started by simply pursuing a certificate.

In fact, one of the most widely read blogs from the Coastline College was on new professional occupations for 2021:

Coastline is one of the nation’s most innovative institutions, with a reputation for providing high quality, career-focused, and flexible education options to students online. They stake their reputation on being agile and providing the education and training at the moment the need is there. Every American wants employment and a career that will provide security and long-term potential for advancement. Look to community colleges like Coastline as a means of obtaining a higher education and the best skills needed in today’s competitive workforce and it could be just what the doctor ordered as we near the end of this pandemic.

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About Coastline College:

Coastline College is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  For eight consecutive years, Coastline College was selected as one of the top 150 colleges by The Aspen Institute for Community College Excellence which is considered the most prestigious designation for community colleges. Coastline delivers flexible courses and services that cultivate and guide diverse student populations across the globe to complete pathways leading to the attainment of associate degrees, certificates, career readiness, and transfer to four-year colleges/universities.


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