Bookgel Launches Automated Pricing & Closing Technology for Accountants

Boca Raton, Florida, UNITED STATES

Bookgel’s patent-pending algorithm lets accountants nail the right fee using more than 50 different factors triggered from client responses. Join the crowdfunding campaign happening now - $26,400 was raised within the first four hours - to bring this technology to the accounting market.

NEW YORK, March 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- No more underpricing or stressful fee calculations. Using AI technology, Bookgel, a new cloud-based app in beta, works in real-time and guides accountants and CPAs through a structured process to secure new business and reprice existing clients. Accountants have the opportunity to become a “backer” of this new value-pricing technology in a crowdfunding campaign going on now.

Backers aka “early adopters” receive various benefits including a steep discount on pricing along with being the first to champion this new AI value-pricing technology made exclusively for accountants, from the ground up.

Bookgel produces an optimal fee via a proprietary algorithm, prompts accountants to ask the precise client questions, inspires how to close and upsell (including what to say and when) and finally, sends the engagement letter for e-acceptance and cash flow.

“Over my years of working with thousands of accountants it became obvious that we needed to build a bridge between the juncture from when a new client inquired to the juncture of closed business and cash in the bank,” said Allan Ratafia, CPA, co-founder of Bookgel and owner of Ratafia & Company, CPAs, headquartered in New York.

“Some firms that were experienced at pricing and closing were getting five to 10 times the fees for the exact same services. Now all firms can get the right fee, without needing to take classes on selling or learning value pricing. Bookgel does all the heavy lifting.”

Bookgel was developed by Ratafia and Marc Howard, the duo that brought the accounting profession BizPayO, a 3-in-1 web platform for online payments, proposals and automated reviews. From the BizPayO platform, Ratafia and Howard, who started their careers at PwC and Gartner respectively, were able to gather an enormous amount of pricing data where they observed accountants weren’t closing as frequently and quickly as they could be. They wanted to make the sales process easier so they hatched Bookgel. A select number of accountants are already having success using the app – with projections of doubling their annual revenues - but there is still more to do before bringing it to the accounting industry.

How it works

Bookgel is 100 percent cloud-based. Simply bring up the app and with a few clicks the accountant can demonstrate to their prospect or existing client their services while prompting the right questions to ask. Over screen share, the client can see how much they are able to save by working with the accountant before seeing the engagement price. The accountant can then easily show the client their personalized subscription plan - including projected savings - and send a proposal that, once signed, prompts payment straight to their own bank account.

The proprietary algorithm uses AI-based pricing and draws from 50 different factors automatically checking more than 100 data points such as niche, entity type, location, condition of books, complexity of work, revenue and upsell opportunities.

Become a Bookgel backer

Bookgel has been three years in the making and while there is a prototype with a host of satisfied accountant beta users, Ratafia and Howard are seeking funding to further develop Bookgel’s infrastructure into a robust web-based platform. The reward-based crowdfunding campaign is already going strong – having brought in $26,400 in the first four hours – and will continue until April 21, 2021. Accountants can become a Bookgel backer today by contributing to the crowdfunding campaign at

About Bookgel: Bookgel is the ultra-fast closing and pricing tool for accountants. Developed with AI-driven technology, Bookgel is designed to get today’s accountant higher fees – both from prospects and existing clients who are underpaying. Bookgel is 100 percent cloud-based and guides accountants and CPAs to be a polished closer and instantly nail the right fee every single time.

Contact: Liz Gold
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