FallSafety Launches Emergency Check-Ins to Protect Enterprise Employees

  • FallSafety launches enterprise-grade emergency check-ins
  • Emergency check-ins help protect company employees during crisis
  • Worker protection for severe weather, social dangers, and other potentially life-threatening situations

SEATTLE, March 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tidyware, makers of FallSafety enterprise-grade safety solutions, today announced that it has launched Emergency Check-Ins to help protect people at work using WorkerSafety Pro, LoneWorker Pro, and FallSafety Pro. These HSE solutions provide a new Emergency Alert System and safety protocol that enables organization Safety Managers to more effectively manage crisis situations and protect employees.

As dangerous environmental and social situations manifest, it’s more important than ever to care for the safety and well-being of employees. In fact, companies have a Duty of Care, to help protect their employees from harm. Reaching all affected employees in an emergency can be a daunting task, leaving some people unreached and potentially in harm's way.

Philip Carmichael, Chief Executive Officer, FallSafety, said: “I am thrilled to add emergency check-ins as a safety protocol to our suite of industry leading Health and Safety business solutions. As people are increasingly working alone and in more hazardous conditions, companies have a responsibility to protect their workers. With emergency check-ins employers can better protect employees.”

FallSafety’s Health and Safety solutions simplify safety plans and make real-time management of time-critical crises less overwhelming. Carmichael further noted that “Knowing which employees are in a dangerous situation and at-a-glance see if they have checked in or requested help can be an incredibly beneficial way to care for people in an emergency.”

This new safety protocol extends the leading advanced safety protocols, with an immediate way to alert and respond to emergencies as they occur, wherever they occur. The ability to focus on the people who need help in an emergency situation can lead to faster emergency response, better outcomes, and peace of mind.

FallSafety’s suite of solutions are designed to be easy to use, easy to manage, and scale to large organizations. With the addition of new safety protocols, the FallSafety solutions are more mission critical and essential for the entire organization.

Learn more about the FallSafety emergency check-ins safety protocol here:

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FallSafety is the Enterprise-Grade Safety Solutions company that protects employees at organizations of all sizes by providing digital PPE that reduces risk from physical and emotional harm. With FallSafety solutions, employees can use their company or personal (BYOD) phones and watches to protect themselves while at work in the field, lab, office, facility, and anywhere with an Internet connection. FallSafety allows companies to care for their employees, groups, and teams, and to provide a rapid response in a time of need. Many companies rely on FallSafety to protect them with over 7,000,000 hours of protection already. FallSafety is headquartered in Seattle. To learn more, visit https://fallsafetyapp.com.

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