Researchers Unveil a New Theory Explaining Long-term Pain Relief

Stimulation of peripheral nerves warrants consideration early in the care continuum

Cleveland, Ohio, UNITED STATES

CLEVELAND, March 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A novel theory recently published in the Journal of Pain Research proposes mechanisms by which a 60-day treatment using percutaneous peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) may recondition the central nervous system (CNS) to restore normal pain processing and provide long-term pain relief for patients. This short-term treatment may replace the need for permanently implanted systems in many patients.

Chronic pain may occur due to an imbalance in nerve signal processing within the CNS as a result of reduced healthy inputs coming from within the region of pain. The new theory proposes that increasing healthy neural inputs by stimulating peripheral nerves can recondition the CNS and restore healthy pain processing. Pain relief following a 60-day peripheral nerve stimulation treatment has been reported by some patients to endure for several years or more.

In the case of low back pain, for example, lower back muscles are often inhibited, contracting less and consequently conveying fewer healthy messages to the cortex. In this case, PNS can be used to induce comfortable cycling contractions within the region of pain. Restoring the healthy, non-painful signals may normalize central processing resulting in the elimination or reduction of pain. Similar indications of central reconditioning have also been demonstrated when a 60-day PNS treatment is applied to the nerves of patients with post-amputation pain, in this case without causing a muscle contraction.

According to Dr. Timothy Deer, President & CEO of The Spine and Nerve Center of the Virginias and lead author of the publication, “The theoretical framework for central reconditioning provides a significant conceptual advancement in regard to how a short-term treatment may produce the long-lasting results that many of my pain management colleagues and I are seeing on a routine basis following the SPRINT PNS System’s 60-day treatment.”

“The clinical implications of this theory support the notion of preferentially using a short-term PNS treatment early in the care pathway as a means of helping patients, payers and pain management physicians avoid the more invasive and costly permanent implantation of neurostimulation systems that have been in routine use over the past half-century,” said co-author Peter Staats, MD, MBA, SPR Therapeutics’ Chief Medical Advisor and President of the World Institute of Pain.

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