Nordetect Closes $1.5M Seed Investment Round to Bring Lab-on-a-Chip Technology to Indoor and Vertical Farms

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, March 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nordetect, the Danish agritech startup building portable agricultural testing solutions, announced today a seed investment of $1.5 million. Early-stage technology investor Luminate NY led the investment round with new participation from Rockstart, SOSV (HAX), PreSeed Ventures and Vækstfonden (The Danish Growth Fund). The company will use the financing to commercialize its proprietary technology platform and provide indoor and vertical farmers on the East and West Coasts of the U.S. and in Western Europe with early access to portable analysis devices and lab-on-a-chip capabilities.

"The new funding allows us to make the necessary investments in process automation to bolster our supply of the product as we tap into the exploding number of farmers turning to new technologies. We are very eager to now start scaling up the manufacturing of our Lab-on-a-chip consumables and deliver to our early customers. With the support and specialized expertise from Luminate and all our previous investors on board we have an amazing launchpad as we enter the next stage of growth," says Keenan Pinto, CEO & Co-founder of Nordetect.

Founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, Nordetect helps farmers, agronomists and indoor growers optimize the use of chemistries for a sustainable green revolution. Agriculturists need to maintain the right nutrient levels for optimum yields from their crop. Indoor growers need to maintain water quality and ensure that they have the right levels of nutrients (liquid fertilizer) and light. Vertical farms and other high tech indoor farms use this data to increase their yield per square foot and supply more locally. The process of collecting and testing soil and water samples is a time consuming process ranging from three days to three weeks. The one click device and test kits from Nordetect can test multiple nutrients simultaneously and in a matter of minutes.

The Founders Keenan Pinto and Palak Sehgal have a background in bioengineering of plants, specifically roots and flowers. They have travelled across Shenzhen China, San Francisco, and Amsterdam, developing the product and supply chain and building client and investor connections.

About Nordetect

Copenhagen-based Nordetect is an analytical hardware company that produces Lab-on-a-chip devices for environmental and agricultural analysis. It was founded in 2016 with a vision of bringing medical grade technology to the farming industry. With Nordetect, farm managers, agricultural service providers and indoor growers can remove risk and use valid data that is easy to understand and implement to ensure richer harvests.

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