Social Development Specialists ‘Grow With Me’ Select Acuant to Verify Users and Establish Trust to Protect Special Needs Children and their Community

LOS ANGELES, March 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acuant, a leading global provider of identity verification solutions, today announced that Grow With Me, a social development app for children with disabilities, has integrated Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform for identity verification to protect its users from nefarious individuals and to establish trust in this community. With Acuant’s technology implemented, Grow With Me users, which include parents, caretakers and therapists of young vulnerable children, can confidently engage with trusted individuals, knowing that their information is being safeguarded by the industry’s leading Know Your Customer (KYC) platform.

Grow With Me is a smartphone application that was developed to bridge the gap and to be a specialized application that allows parents or therapists to connect with each other and to facilitate those playdates based on their child’s or client’s age, diagnosis, gender, and location. Helping children with special needs develop play and social skills is considered medically necessary treatment. This means the app is not only a social app that connects adults to create in person or virtual playdates, and find or create events, but it is also considered healthcare technology.

This innovative app provides a way to build a community based on trust, where special needs children can develop their social skills, cultivate meaningful friendships, and live a life full of confidence, dignity, and meaning. By incorporating Acuant’s technology into the application, Grow With Me is able to conduct comprehensive identity verification checks on users without impacting the overall digital experience. This ensures that all app users are verified, filtering out fraudulent requests and any malicious actors before they engage with app users. Acuant’s KYC workflow enables Grow With Me to protect sensitive user information and support compliance with international and healthcare data privacy regulations, like GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA.

“Our company mission is to be a place where parents, caretakers, and therapists can find hope and a caring spirit of people, so that children with special needs can engage with other children and improve their social skills and move toward their greatest potential”, said Emily Bruce, CEO & Co-Founder at Grow With Me. “Our subscribers are vulnerable due to the child or client’s disability, therefore it is important to apply as many protective layers as possible to their user experience. With the help of smart phone technology and Acuant, we hope that parents, therapists, and caretakers can help to improve the lives of these children and their families.”

“The work done by Grow With Me is truly inspiring, and knowing that our technology is playing a role to provide a safer platform for children, is an honor to be a part of”, said Acuant President and CEO Yossi Zekri. “Our technology was designed for these purposes and we are determined to fight against all forms of fraud, especially against those in our society who are the most vulnerable.”

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