Port Houston Determines Projectmates® Is the Right Tool to Manage Its Vast Construction Program

Projectmates’ Cloud-Based Construction Software Provides a Seamless Platform for Managing Capital Improvement Projects

Richardson, Texas, UNITED STATES

Richardson, Texas, March 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Projectmates, the enterprise construction project management software, is pleased to announce that Port Houston has selected the Projectmates platform to manage its capital projects. By implementing Projectmates, Port Houston will have the needed tools to track and manage its capital improvement plan, which includes enhancing the Port’s waterway, terminal, road, rail and industrial property infrastructure.

“As Port Houston invests in modernizing and expanding its existing facilities, they also recognize the need to invest in their project success by implementing an all-in-one software for visibility across their entire construction program,” said Varsha Bhave, founder and CTO of Systemates, Inc., the company behind Projectmates. “When you don’t have real-time project information at hand, or struggle to find it in siloed systems, you can’t respond quickly to unforeseen changes. Having data isolated in various software programs hinders critical business decisions and can lead to costly schedule delays.”

Real-time oversight of multiple projects within a construction program is an industry-wide struggle, and one that ties directly into managing timelines and cost containment. With Projectmates, Port Houston now has the ability to manage every phase of their construction program in real time — from concept, bidding, contract award, construction, completion and close out­ — all in one platform. This allows project owners to focus on managing projects instead of managing project data in various non-connected platforms.

And because Projectmates is accessible from anywhere, team communication is facilitated regardless of time, distance or device. Meaning Port Houston team members can quickly find, manage and collaborate on the latest project information, leading to faster construction timelines and lower overall costs.

For more information about Projectmates and its full capabilities, please visit www.projectmates.com.

About Projectmates by Systemates, Inc.
Projectmates is a construction program management software platform that is configurable, intuitive, and easy-to-use. Richardson, TX-based Systemates, Inc. is the company behind Projectmates; and, its commitment to continuous improvement has made Projectmates one of the most valued products in the AECO market today. Projectmates' collaborative platform dramatically improves project execution, cuts costs and delays, increases accountability and reduces risks. With features such as construction workflow, capital planning and cost tracking, Projectmates solves many of the construction industry’s pressing problems.



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