Transfer of Own Shares as Part of Scanfil Plc’s Stock Option Program 2016(B)


SCANFIL PLC        STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE    18 March 2021  11.00 A.M.

On 19 February - 9 March 2021 a total of 50,000 Scanfil plc’s (the "Company" or "Scanfil") shares have been subscribed for with the Company's stock options 2016(B). The entire subscription price for subscriptions, EUR 178,500 will be entered in the Company’s reserve for invested unrestricted equity. Scanfil transfers an aggregate amount of 50,000 of its own shares to the subscribers. Following the transfer, Scanfil holds 198,738 of its own shares.

Additional information on stock options is available on the Company's website


Petteri Jokitalo

Additional information:
CEO Petteri Jokitalo
Tel +358 8 4882 111

Scanfil is an international contract manufacturer and system supplier for the electronics industry with 40 years of experience in demanding contract manufacturing. Scanfil provides its customers with an extensive array of services, ranging from product design to product manufacturing, material procurement and logistics solutions. Vertically integrated production and a comprehensive supply chain are the foundation of Scanfil’s competitive advantages: speed, flexibility and reliability.

Typical Scanfil products include mobile and communications network devices, automation system modules, frequency converters, lift control systems, analysers, various slot and vending machines, and devices related to medical technology and meteorology. Scanfil services are used by numerous international automation, energy, IT and health service providers, as well as companies operating in the field of urbanisation. Scanfil’s network of factories consists of production units in Europe, Asia and North America.