Campaign Monitor’s Email Link Review Tool Fixes 4,000 Broken Links Per Day

With Over 1 Million Link Errors Detected within Months, Campaign Monitor Assists Thousands of Saved Conversion Opportunities for Customers

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Campaign Monitor, a CM Group brand and provider of powerful yet intuitive email marketing software, today announced that its newly released Link Review product feature has now successfully checked more than 1 million links, with 27% of identified links ultimately needing a fix. Serving as an added and automatic review, this translates to more than 4,000 links per day that Campaign Monitor customers are fixing. The built-in tool not only helps countless organizations from sending broken and incorrect links in their emails, but adds up to significant resource savings as well.

“As a publisher, we send a high volume of emails on behalf of both our brand and our advertisers, and the Link Review tool has really allowed us to cut down on the effort required to manually check that all of our campaign links are correct,” said Alex Dalland, Digital Producer at Universal Media Co. “An incorrect link that went unnoticed could potentially cost us thousands of dollars in lost e-commerce revenue or hundreds of site visitors. This is one of the most useful new features for us in the past year.”

“We have a lengthy weekly newsletter with numerous articles that we update from the week before. The Link Review tool makes it simple to see where buttons haven’t had links updated from the previous week or don’t have links at all,” said Arabella Gilby, Digital Communications Coordinator at parkrun. “Like many, we have dealt with including an incorrect link in an email at some point, but now we can send with 100% confidence since there is one additional — and seamless — layer of review. It’s already helped us catch an outdated link before being sent.” 

Link Review, a feature recently released by Campaign Monitor, notifies customers of broken or missing links to be updated for all outgoing email campaigns. For customers using email to drive business growth and share critical information, a broken or missing link can render an otherwise valuable email nearly ineffective. 

“What we launched as a new product feature, has very quickly become a resource-saving tool with immediate impact for so many customers. We were proud to hit the 1 million link error milestone, because it means our customers are not only able to send with complete confidence, but are clearly driving even more effective results for their organizations,” said Desta Price, Chief Product Officer at CM Group.

People rely on email more than ever before. Not only did Campaign Monitor see a year over year increase in email send volume of 7%, audiences are actually increasing their email engagement, with a 13% increase in open rates. With email serving as a lifeline for so many organizations, this translates to millions of potential conversions that can be lost due to common human errors.

From a retail promotion that cannot be redeemed to a fundraising request that does not click through to a donation site, the seemingly small task of checking each email link certainly adds up. Across the millions of campaigns sent each year by Campaign Monitor customers, this could equate to an estimated 6 million broken links found that can be easily fixed using the Link Review tool. Plus, with email averaging a 2.6% click through rate, Link Review ultimately helps customers earn millions of clicks that would otherwise be lost due to error. 

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