Security Expert & C.E.O. of Hawk Security Jimmy Mauris Averts a Potential Mass Shooting In Miami, FL

Hawk Security, Top Miami Security Firm Provides Peace of Mind During Pandemic Protecting Kids, Businesses, & Apartments

Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach, FL , March 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hawk Security saved God knows how many lives at a major nationally-recognized event in Miami Beach, Florida in 2019. It started when Hawk Security’s Global CEO Jimmy Mauris noticed a suspicious young male far off in the distance with a strange duffle bag. The potential mass shooter saw Hawk Security’s checkpoint with metal detectors and turned around with the duffle bag in his hand filled with handguns, numerous bullets, and assault rifles.

Mr. Mauris and staff have spent countless hours in strenuous Active Shooter Prevention Training classes and their training paid off that day with major dividends. They spotted the alleged shooter hiding the bag in some bushes and sprang into action like a Navy Seal who realizes that every single move could either mean life or death. Their goal was to neutralize the threat immediately. Jimmy Mauris and staff detained the potential gunman, secured the bag full of weapons, and commandeered the response of local law enforcement. “This is one of our success stories for sure” says Mauris.

Furthermore, J. Craig Shearman of the National Retail Federation points out that in 2019 retailers lost over $61.7 billion due to theft. When one considers how having a security guard on site reduces theft, these numbers are staggering. Hawk Security has a specialized/certified program to help prevent shoplifting. Jimmy Mauris says, “We do what we do to give our clients peace of mind. We worry about safety, protection of small children, protection from theft, harassment, and vandalism so that our clients can live peaceful lives and go about their day”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on how Hawk Security provides its services. They have had to adapt and help local governments help keep the public safe both physically and mentally. Hawk Security’s teams have played a crucial role in helping hospitals safely admit patients who have been infected with Covid-19. Hawk Security secures isolation zones, manages elevators to ensure social distancing, as well as transport hospital personnel safely and securely while following strict CDC guidelines.

“One of Hawk Security’s CEO Jimmy Mauris’ core values is giving back to the community where we serve” says Ferlindo Vincent who runs a companywide homeless feeding program as well as youth sports mentorship program in underserved/inner-city areas of Miami-Dade County. Recently Mauris and Vincent was recognized for their service to the community on Forbes Magazine featured Best-selling Author Gibson Sylvestre’s prestigious national talk show entitled Leaders, Followers, & Everything In-Between. In the past Sylvestre’s show has featured iconic figures such as the President of Costa Rica Luis Solis, Wu-Tang Clan member REDMAN, Pastor Joel Osteen, and motivational speaker Les Brown to name a few.

Some of the world-class services Hawk Security employs to provide peace and safety their clients are:

  • On-site guarding
  • Asset Protection
  • Executive Protection
  • Remote Guarding & Surveillance
  • Certified Corporate Risk Management Assessments
  • Residential Security Guard Services
  • V.I.P. Body Guarding services for Pro-Athletes and Celebrities

“We enjoy being essential workers. We just want to do our part in keeping the community safe” says Ferlindo Vincent who serves as vice president of Hawk Security & current NFL Prospect. Currently Hawk Security is training and hiring first-class security professionals to keep up with their growing business. For more information go to:

Infinite Possibilities Public Relations - 954-724-8455

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