The 10 Best Female Business Coaches That Will Help You Scale in 2021

LOS ANGELES, March 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a highly saturated market of self-proclaimed “business gurus,” it is hard to pick the right coach to help you scale to the next level. That is why we have created our list of the 10 Best Female Business Coaches That will Help You Scale in 2021. We would like to thank the team at Authority Sharks for their research and findings in formulating this article.

Our first selection, Elizabeth Dias, is the founder of Elizabeth Dias Coaching Inc. For the last 20 years, Dias has worked with thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations worldwide, bringing about growth and transformation. Elizabeth assists entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and professionals to launch or grow a thriving business. She helps them realize their true potential and equips them with the strategies, skills, habits, and confidence to actualize their vision and goals. Elizabeth offers private and group Mindset and Business Coaching to individuals and teams, including the Thinking into Results program by legendary personal development and success teacher: Bob Proctor. Clients experience quick shifts in their clarity, productivity, sales, and growth, with many making quantum leaps.

Elizabeth helps people graduate to their next-level selves to have more income, impact, meaning, and freedom in their business and life. Access a copy of her free Goal Getter Guide or connect with Elizabeth here.

Our second selection, Loren Trlin, is a Master Coach, former attorney, and founder of The Abundant Entrepreneur Accelerator and The Creatrix Codes™. Her programs are for conscious coaches, professionals, and healers that want to launch and scale their online businesses, master their money mindset, and share their impact with the world. Loren has served over 1000 students since launching in 2017 using her unique approach, including business strategy, brain rewiring tools, and manifestation techniques. Loren has just released an updated version of her signature training, the Abundant Entrepreneur Method - for conscious coaches looking to scale their high-ticket offers.

Our third selection, Linda Nicol, is the founder of ‘The GOALchievers Program.’ She is also a coach, 2x best-selling contributing author, ex-corporate head coach, and mum to 5 small children (including triplets). Linda helps female business owners struggling to get to the next level; move from planning their goals to making them a reality.

Using her unique goal achievement methods, Linda’s clients free up on average 10 hours per week to work on their businesses, increasing incomes by $52,000 on average. Not only do they have extra time for their companies, but they also enjoy more quality time with their families. Participants have stated, “it’s a game-changer”, “getting more done than they ever thought possible .”Linda helps her clients achieve this by focussing only on the critical tasks to success, supporting them, and having her clients take ownership of their actions. Click here to get in contact with Linda.

Our fourth selection, Vanessa Shaw, is the Founder and CEO of The Business Growth Academy based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Vanessa and her team help women-owned businesses across the nation attract new clients and generate more revenue with their Elite 100 Day Business Accelerator. They do this without using complicated technology, paid ads, or needing to work longer hours. During COVID-19, The Business Growth Academy helped over 40 small business owners generate almost $6million in brand new revenue in 100 days, using this methodology.

With over 16 years of experience, Vanessa Shaw is on a mission to create a world where women enjoy significant financial success and security. She states, “When women do better, their families and communities do better too!” If you are a women-owned business looking to grow and scale with Vanessa, click here.

Our fifth selection, Holly Jackson, is a certified Holistic Business Coach. Through Holistic Business Coaching, Holly helps mission-driven entrepreneurs and CEOs start, build or scale their business without burning out. Holly’s clients learn how to cope with stress, define their life priorities, and rediscover their passion for business. She helps them see their blind spots that often cost them exposure, clients, and income. For over 12 years, Holly has provided insights, strategies, and fresh perspectives. Holly states, “My clients can expect accountability, growth, and a step-by-step game plan for success. I believe every professional must develop their internal compass and decide what their legacy will be. Holistic coaching goes beyond helping your business and helps the whole person.” If you are an entrepreneur or CEO and want to contact Holly, click here.

Our sixth selection, Josette (Ms. Jai) Holness, is a Business Coach who partners with grass-roots entrepreneurs, small business owners, and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands, scale their business and help them build an empire. Having spent over a decade working in progressive roles within the social, human, community, and business sectors, Ms. Jai knows what truly drives conversions, scalability, and sold-out products. Through her one-of-a-kind, unique energy and ability to connect with people, she draws solutions to problems and creates effective systems that derive the growth in your bottom-line. She is the founder and CEO of The Beautiful Women Society to help superheroes reclaim their secret identity. The Society provides an environment that fosters growth and awareness, which fuels women to achieve the dream they aspire to, building an EMPIRE with no shame, guilt, or regret.

Our seventh selection, Kat Millar, is the Founder of Amplify Your Influence, mentoring coaches and entrepreneurs to do what they love and grow a profitable business. Having run multiple businesses internationally over two decades, delivered 5,000+ coaching sessions and over 250 events, Kat has a wealth of experience in helping people get results. After leaving a corporate role, Kat built a six-figure business in less than 12 months. She now helps others do the same by packaging their passion, developing entrepreneurial thinking, and delivering their unique message. Kat’s client attraction formula offers a proven framework for entrepreneurs to get fully booked with their ideal clients. Her programs help people craft compelling content and share exceptional value through their written and spoken words. Kat’s mission is to help millions of visionary leaders make a significant impact while enjoying lifestyle flexibility and freedom because she believes business should be both profoundly fulfilling and fun.

Our eighth selection, Bettina Hernandez, helps Boss Babes get unstuck, get more clients, implement automated systems to scale their business and teach them how to create a profitable online business. She leads with passion, clear direction, and heart. Bettina offers several online courses and group coaching programs. She provides incredible value on her social media profiles for those looking for free advice. The Boss Up! The program helps Boss Babes live a life of purpose through their business with Bettina’s unique K.I.S.S system. Click here to check out Bettina’s coaching programs and download her free guide on how to get more clients. Connect with Bettina directly here.

Meet Izabela, our ninth selection and the creator of the “Find your frequency” program, who empowers women to uncover what stands in their way of starting their own business through frequency and vibration alignment. She focuses on identifying her clients' limiting beliefs, so they can let them go and embrace the possibility of a life lived on their terms. Her frequency alignment methods allow her clients to tune into their higher selves and match their vibrations with their true calling. She says her clients shift from a state of “I can’t” to “I will” and get their businesses off the ground with confidence and clarity.

Having been an entrepreneur for 21 years, she has opened and sold multiple businesses and knows what it takes to “leap into the unknown with confidence and trust in yourself.” Izabela says, “Coaching is about increasing self-awareness and tuning into your vibrations to shift from inaction to action.”

Our tenth selection is the CEO at Carol Boston Coaching. She is the ‘Queen of Reframe’ who quickly reframes any challenge bringing clarity with a strategic plan. “One Reframe with Carol unlocks your personal, professional, and financial potential.” She offers 1:1 or group coaching and her Limitless Leadership Academy Workshop where she teaches her “7 Powerful Steps to an Unstoppable Business.” Carol brings to her clients the discipline of a professional athlete and the savvy of 26 successful years as a Sales Expert for Fortune 100 companies. Her clients say: “Carol is relentless in making sure we get great results.” If you’re looking to contact Carol, click here.

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