Worldwide Protein Crystallization & Crystallography Industry to 2026 - Key Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities

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The Protein Crystallization & Crystallography Market is expected to grow at a rate of 8.10% CAGR by 2026. Protein crystallization is a procedure of generating protein crystals for industrial or scientific purposes, which include X-Ray Crystallography. Proteins normally perform in liquid surroundings since the protein crystallization procedure is generally used in water.

The main aim of crystallography and protein crystallization is to increase well-ordered protein crystals that overcome the inbuilt weakened protein molecules. Growing research and development in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies is one of the most important drivers propelling the growth of the protein crystallization & crystallography market. The inadequately skilled labor to perform this procedure is limiting market growth.

The protein crystallization & crystallography market is segmented based on technology which is divided into X-ray Crystallography, NMR Spectroscopy, Cryo-electron Microscopy, and Small-angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS). X-ray crystallography technique is commonly used to ascertain the molecular and atomic formation of a protein crystal. X-ray crystal structures can be utilized for developing pharmaceutical drugs to counter diseases, which increases the demand of this market segment.

The consumables segment is determined to hold the largest share of the protein crystallization & crystallography market in the product and service segmentation. This is owing to the high number of reagent kits and microplates utilized in the research of proteomics. The consumables segment is further subdivided into microplates, crystal mounts and loops, and other consumables.

The end-users segment of the protein crystallization & crystallography market includes Pharmaceutical Companies, Research & Government Institutes, and Biotechnology Companies. The major contribution in the protein crystallization & crystallography market growth is from pharmaceutical companies as pharmaceutical companies commonly use protein crystallization while producing drugs to achieve a stable product.

The geographical market of protein crystallization & crystallography is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World. Among the four regions, North America is having a significant role in the market growth due to the presence of a huge number of pharmaceutical companies, rapidly increasing research and development activities, which will further fuel the demand for protein crystallization & crystallography in this region.

Worldwide the protein crystallization & crystallography market is projected to proliferate at a pre-eminent growth rate during the forecasted period. The major factor ascribed for this growth is the growing augmentation opportunities among developing regions of the market. Rising utilization of membrane protein, crystallization processes, and structure elucidation are few other factors that are accelerating the market growth rate.

The major competitor's list of protein crystallization & crystallography market is as follows Rigaku Corporation, Hampton Research, MiTeGen LLC, Agilent Technologies, Corning Incorporated, Tecan Group, Calibre Scientific Inc., SARomics Biostructures, Spectris plc, Charles River Laboratories, Douglas Instruments Ltd., Art Robbins Instruments, Creative Biostructure, HiMedia Laboratories, Anton Paar GmbH, Bruker Corporation, Jena Bioscience GmbH, Arinax Scientific Instrumentation, FORMULATRIX, Helix BioStructures LLC, Greiner Bio-One International, Proteros Biostructures GmbH, Emerald Biosystems Inc., Biogenuix and Meiji Techno.

Furthermore, protein crystallization is a crucial tool and is employed by several sectors such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries to enhance their research and development activities to improve drug outcomes, specifically in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Inclusive analysis of all major geographical regions is described, which ascertains the potential opportunities in these regions.
  • In-depth detail of aspects that are generating growth in the protein crystallization & crystallography market during the forecast period.
  • An accurate evaluation of the protein crystallization & crystallography market share and its contribution to the parent market is given in the report
  • A precise evaluation of forthcoming trends and changes in the behavior of consumers is provided in the report
  • A complete analysis of the market's competitive landscape and exclusive information on vendor profiles is presented in the market report.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Industry Outlook
2.1. Industry Overview
2.2. Industry Trends

3. Market Snapshot
3.1. Market Definition
3.2. Market Outlook
3.2.1. PEST Analysis
3.2.2. Porter Five Forces
3.3. Related Markets

4. Market characteristics
4.1. Market Evolution
4.2. Market Trends and Impact
4.3. Advantages/Disadvantages of Market
4.4. Regulatory Impact
4.5. Market Offerings
4.6. Market Segmentation
4.7. Market Dynamics
4.7.1. Drivers
4.7.2. Restraints
4.7.3. Opportunities
4.8. DRO - Impact Analysis

5. Technology: Market Size & Analysis
5.1. Overview
5.2. X-ray Crystallography
5.3. NMR Spectroscopy
5.4. Cryo-electron Microscopy
5.5. Small-angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)

6. Product and Service: Market Size & Analysis
6.1. Overview
6.2. Consumables
6.2.1. Microplates
6.2.2. Crystal Mounts and Loops
6.2.3. Other Consumables
6.3. Reagents Kits/Screens
6.4. Instruments
6.4.1. Liquid Handling Instruments
6.4.2. Crystal Imaging Instruments
6.5. Software & Services

7. End-User: Market Size & Analysis
7.1. Overview
7.2. Pharmaceutical Companies
7.3. Research & Government Institutes
7.4. Biotechnology Companies

8. Geography: Market Size & Analysis
8.1. Overview
8.2. North America
8.3. Europe
8.4. Asia Pacific
8.5. Rest of the World

9. Competitive Landscape
9.1. Competitor Comparison Analysis
9.2. Market Developments
9.2.1. Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal, Awards, Partnerships
9.2.2. Product Launches and execution

10. Vendor Profiles
10.1. Rigaku Corporation
10.1.1. Overview
10.1.2. Financials
10.1.3. Products/Services
10.1.4. Recent Developments
10.1.5. Business Strategy
10.2. Hampton Research
10.2.1. Overview
10.2.2. Financials
10.2.3. Products/Services
10.2.4. Recent Developments
10.2.5. Business Strategy
10.3. MiTeGen LLC
10.3.1. Overview
10.3.2. Financials
10.3.3. Products/Services
10.3.4. Recent Developments
10.3.5. Business Strategy
10.4. Agilent Technologies
10.4.1. Overview
10.4.2. Financials
10.4.3. Products/Services
10.4.4. Recent Developments
10.4.5. Business Strategy
10.5. Corning Incorporated
10.5.1. Overview
10.5.2. Financials
10.5.3. Products/Services
10.5.4. Recent Developments
10.5.5. Business Strategy
10.6. Tecan Group
10.6.1. Overview
10.6.2. Financials
10.6.3. Products/Services
10.6.4. Recent Developments
10.6.5. Business Strategy
10.7. Calibre Scientific Inc
10.7.1. Overview
10.7.2. Financials
10.7.3. Products/Services
10.7.4. Recent Developments
10.7.5. Business Strategy
10.8. SARomics Biostructures
10.8.1. Overview
10.8.2. Financials
10.8.3. Products/Services
10.8.4. Recent Developments
10.8.5. Business Strategy
10.9. Spectris plc
10.9.1. Overview
10.9.2. Financials
10.9.3. Products/Services
10.9.4. Recent Developments
10.9.5. Business Strategy
10.10. Charles River Laboratories
10.10.1. Overview
10.10.2. Financials
10.10.3. Products/Services
10.10.4. Recent Developments
10.10.5. Business Strategy

11. Companies to Watch
11.1. Douglas Instruments Ltd
11.1.1. Overview
11.1.2. Product/Services
11.1.3. Business Strategy
11.2. Art Robbins Instruments
11.2.1. Overview
11.2.2. Product/Services
11.2.3. Business Strategy
11.3. Creative Biostructure
11.3.1. Overview
11.3.2. Product/Services
11.3.3. Business Strategy
11.4. HiMedia Laboratories
11.4.1. Overview
11.4.2. Product/Services
11.4.3. Business Strategy
11.5. Anton Paar GmbH
11.5.1. Overview
11.5.2. Product/Services
11.5.3. Business Strategy
11.6. Jena Bioscience GmbH
11.6.1. Overview
11.6.2. Product/Services
11.6.3. Business Strategy
11.7. Arinax Scientific Instrumentation
11.7.1. Overview
11.7.2. Product/Services
11.7.3. Business Strategy
11.8.1. Overview
11.8.2. Product/Services
11.8.3. Business Strategy
11.9. Helix BioStructures LLC
11.9.1. Overview
11.9.2. Product/Services
11.9.3. Business Strategy
11.10. Greiner Bio-One International
11.10.1. Overview
11.10.2. Product/Services
11.10.3. Business Strategy
11.11. Proteros Biostructures GmbH
11.11.1. Overview
11.11.2. Product/Services
11.11.3. Business Strategy
11.12. Emerald Biosystems Inc
11.12.1. Overview
11.12.2. Product/Services
11.12.3. Business Strategy
11.13. Biogenuix
11.13.1. Overview
11.13.2. Product/Services
11.13.3. Business Strategy
11.14. Meiji Techno
11.14.1. Overview
11.14.2. Product/Services
11.14.3. Business Strategy

12. Analyst Opinion

13. Annexure
13.1. Report Scope
13.2. Market Definitions
13.3. Research Methodology
13.3.1. Data Collation and In-house Estimation
13.3.2. Market Triangulation
13.3.3. Forecasting
13.4. Report Assumptions
13.5. Declarations
13.6. Stakeholders
13.7. Abbreviations

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