The Eclipse Foundation’s Eclipse Jetty Project Prepares for the Future with Jetty 11 Release

Ubiquitous open source Java web server lays foundation for cloud native Java evolution

BRUSSELS, Belgium, March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Eclipse Foundation, one of the world’s largest open source software foundations, today announced that the Eclipse Jetty project has released Jetty 11, which has been certified as fully compatible with the Jakarta EE 9 Servlet specifications. Jetty is one of the world’s most widely deployed web server and servlet containers. For version 11, the Jetty development community worked to follow the “Big Bang” approach to move Jetty entirely into the jakarta.* namespace in a single effort. As a result, this establishes the widely used Jetty as a platform for developers and vendors to easily update their open source projects and commercial products to the new jakarta namespace and create a solid foundation for the cloud native evolution of enterprise Java.

“The mission statement of the Eclipse Jetty project is ‘by developers, for developers’ and its team’s significant push to become fully compatible with Jakarta EE 9 reflects that mission,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “This is significant not just for open source enterprise Java, but the sheer ubiquity of Jetty in production means this paves the way for many other community members to make the leap to Jakarta EE 9 and future cloud native Java innovations.”

Jetty is an open source web server and servlet container that is used extensively by millions of developers and in production environments around the world. Jetty’s small footprint, high performance, and scalability have made it an appealing choice among enterprise application developers using a variety of Java, Scala, Kotlin, and other JVM-based languages. Jetty is found in products and projects such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Maven, Google App Engine, Twitter's Streaming API, Zimbra, and the Eclipse IDE.

“The improved specification process developed for Jakarta EE is working well and the open sourced compliance testing (TCK) has made it possible for Jetty 11 to clearly demonstrate it's compatibility with EE9, which bodes well for the future of Jakarta EE,” said Greg Wilkins, Eclipse Jetty project lead and Webtide's CTO.

With Jetty 11, the javax.* packages now conform to the new jakarta.* namespace, a critical distinction. This namespace change firmly establishes Jakarta EE 9 as a foundation upon which cloud-era innovations can be built for future Java infrastructure. Jakarta EE is a set of open specifications used for enterprise Java application development. It is a continuation of Java EE technology that gathers the wide community of Java developers interested in advancing the specifications for future cloud native Java enterprise applications. Each specification release includes its Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK).

“The Eclipse Jetty project has contributed to many of the specifications core to the Java experience and we’re looking forward to doing so as a part of Jakarta EE,” added Jesse McConnell, Webtide CEO. “These efforts are the summation of hundreds of hours from as many developers and highlight the vibrant ecosystem in the Jakarta EE workspace. Combined with the Eclipse Foundation’s vendor-neutral governance, the end result is that the barriers to entry for companies interested in leveraging Jetty and Jakarta EE are dramatically lowered, thus providing an opportunity to shape the future of this hugely influential technology.”

Jetty 11 is fully tested under the open source licensed Jakarta EE 9 TCKs for the Servlet specifications. Jetty 11 is available for download here

Jakarta EE provides a migration path for the enterprise Java ecosystem to transition to newer cloud native tools, products, and platforms. Combined with open source TCKs and an open process of self-certification, Jakarta EE lowers the barrier to entry for vendors to fully certify compatible implementations of Jakarta EE specifications.

The Jakarta EE community welcomes contributions and participation by all interested parties. To learn more and to participate, all are welcome to connect with the global community at the following page: Organizations interested in joining the Jakarta EE Working Group are encouraged to visit

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