Marian Anderson’s Legacy Comes to Life in New Biography That Explores Her Cultural Impact

Author Emile Henwood celebrates the life of the American singer and humanitarian in ‘Remembering a Great American Hero Marian Anderson’

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

PHILADELPHIA, March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Few figures in history have left behind a legacy of humanity, generosity, talent and unwavering faith like Marian Anderson. Known for her incredible career as a robust contralto performing on the international stage, her powerful voice and inspiring acts of kindness contributed to monumental moments in history, including her 1939 performance at the Lincoln Memorial to an integrated crowd of 75,000. In Emile Henwood’s all-encompassing biography, “Remembering a Great American Hero Marian Anderson,” the events that defined her remarkable 96-year life are detailed in a chronological timeline aimed at exploring how she used her musical gifts to bring about positive, lasting change.


Readers will discover her humble beginnings, extensive travels to continue performing, relationships with historic figures and royalty, unforgettable presence during the Civil Rights Movement and more. This book meaningfully shares the life lessons learned by Anderson after her arrival on the music scene and how she overcame poverty, racial prejudices and unimaginable obstacles with grace and dignity to share her memorable voice with the world.


A woman whose courageous acts will forever be remembered, Henwood’s passion for sharing her story and extensively researching her past has contributed to a compelling look at her mark on American history.


“Through this beautiful song of tribute in words and photographs to the life of a true Philadelphia great, Mr. Henwood gives us a chance to reacquaint ourselves anew with her uniquely gifted life and offers a plea to the reader to be inspired to let it once again sing to our hearts,” says an Amazon reviewer.


An educational look at an American icon, the focus of this book is to not only share the events that defined Anderson’s inspiring life but explores the influences in her private life that shaped the person she was. Henwood hopes that readers will conclude that Anderson used her God-given gifts to benefit others and that her compassion is what makes her a truly remarkable figure.


“Remembering a Great American Hero Marian Anderson: ‘The Lady from Philadelphia’”

By Emile Henwood

ISBN: 9781664149663 (softcover); 9781664149670 (hardcover); 9781664149656 (electronic)

Available at the Xlibris Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Emile Joseph “Joe” Henwood is the oldest of nine children from Southwest Philadelphia. He served in the U.S. military as a naval aviator, lieutenant, achieving Pilot In Command designations in several multi-engine anti-submarine warfare and transportation aircraft. He was certified as a cryptology/top secret control officer and programmer/analyst at the Naval Command Systems Support Activity in Washington, D.C. He holds an FAA Commercial Pilot license with single, multi-engine and instrument ratings. “Remembering a Great American Hero Marian Anderson” is his debut book. Henwood discovered that Anderson was born and lived on the same street where his grandmother lived in South Philadelphia during the 1890s and has been devoting his time to telling her story since. He and his wife, Penny, are now “empty-nesters” with two grown sons and four grandchildren. They reside in Upper Providence Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania where he served as Judge of Elections for 10 years. To learn more, please visit

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