TVB Statement on the Benefits of Live + 1 Ratings for Local Broadcast TV

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Steve Lanzano, president and CEO, TVB, released the following statement regarding the use of Live + 1 Day currency:

“Live + 1 Day is now the best representation of local viewership and with good reason – a significant amount of viewing happens after the same day window, and should be captured to ensure optimal results for advertisers. To demonstrate the benefits of Live + 1 currency, TVB examined the ratings lift for adults 25-54 with Live + 1 over Live + Same Day, for the week of 2/14/21. Findings show:

  • Overall network prime rotations had significant lifts: CW saw a 26% lift while FOX and NBC saw a lift of 19%, and ABC and CBS saw an 11% increase.
  • Individual prime shows had even more dramatic lift. Legacies on the CW saw the greatest lift (91%). The top shows for the other four networks were Big Sky on ABC (52%), Last Man Standing on FOX (48%), S.W.A.T. on CBS (47%) and Chicago P.D. on NBC (46%).
  • Nationally, Big Sky saw a lift of 52% with adults 25-54, but local markets saw even greater increases with L+1 over L+SD. Cleveland saw a whopping lift of 179% with Big Sky, Philadelphia 154%, and St. Louis 100%.
  • Programs outside of primetime also saw tremendous lifts. For example, nationally, Saturday Night Live saw a 40% lift with adults 25-54, while locally Tampa went up 79%, Cleveland 77%, and Washington, D.C. 68%.

Lanzano added, “Live +1 is now the best local surrogate for national’s use of C3 ratings/impressions and best captures local audience viewing across all demos and dayparts. It’s crucial that broadcasters and their agency partners move forward with the use of Live + 1 to optimize local ad transactions.”

Kathy Doyle, EVP, Local Investment, for MAGNA Global concurs, commenting, “In 2018, MAGNA made the decision to move all local TV impressions to the Live +1 currency (moving from Live + Same Day).  We made this decision based on our own research and a statement issued by the 4As. As the rate of change continues to accelerate in the industry, we are constantly evaluating currency and applying our learnings to consumer habits and statistical accuracy. We strongly advocate for the use of Live +1 as currency for local TV.”

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