Crisp joins NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network to empower food and beverage brands with improved data access and usability


NEW YORK, March 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Crisp, the first programmatic commerce platform for food and beverage brands, has joined the NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network. For the first time, the Crisp platform will enable food and beverage brands to have direct access to valuable NielsenIQ Retail Measurement market data within their own tools, such as Snowflake, Microsoft Azure, Power BI and Excel. This will provide a seamless process for executives within production, marketing, merchandising, supply chain and more to leverage NielsenIQ market data and insights to improve and optimize business operations.

NielsenIQ collects consumer sales information from more than 900,000 stores including grocery, fresh produce, pet, cannabis, drug, convenience, discount and e-commerce retailers. This market data helps food and beverage brands understand consumer buying trends, inventory insights, pricing and more.

Crisp’s mission is to enable brands to stay ahead of rapidly evolving consumer behavior, identify potential supply chain disruptions, track inventory, understand store conditions, and more efficiently deploy resources to reduce food waste and increase profitability. It does so by providing data accessibility through a modern programmatic commerce model that facilitates collaboration among all trading partners based on unified, real-time data. Crisp aggregates real-time operational data from retail and distributor portals into business intelligence platforms, CRM systems, and data warehouses.

Now, NielsenIQ market data can be integrated with real-time business data via the Crisp platform to offer new perspectives on current business performance and opportunities.

CPG brands already rely on NielsenIQ for valuable macro-level trends, category rankings, competitive insights and market performance data. Combined with real-time operational data, managers can now make more informed business decisions designed to boost sales, manage inventory, improve merchandising mix, reduce out-of-stocks, optimize logistics and more.

“Crisp is transforming food and beverage through a programmatic commerce model, where real-time and syndicated data is shared across the supply chain and used to optimize operations from manufacturing, to distribution, marketing and sales,” said Are Traasdahl, CEO, Crisp. “With NielsenIQ, a leading CPG retail measurement partner, we can now pipe mission-critical data directly into the systems of enterprise brands.”

“The NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network was formed to enable innovation, and welcoming Crisp to our continuously growing list of strong partners does just that,” said Brett Jones, Global Leader, NielsenIQ Connect Partner Network. "Crisp’s ability to automate the integration of NielsenIQ data into their own tools and applications helps our CPG customers make the most of market insights.”

Founded on the concept of an open ecosystem that uses NielsenIQ data and established relationships with fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) clients as connective tissue, the Connect Partner Network aims to serve both partners and clients by making it easier for them to work together. With barriers removed, clients and partners can shift their workload from managing data, to doing things with the data, all within the largest curated network of vendors that serve FMCG clients.

About Crisp
Crisp leverages the power of the cloud to connect and analyze disparate data sources to provide real-time insights and trends. Food suppliers, retailers, distributors and brokers use Crisp to manage supply more efficiently, reduce waste and skyrocket profitability.

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