Global Warming Solutions, Inc. Announces Closing of Private Placement

Jacksonville, Florida, UNITED STATES

Temecula, CA, March 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Warming Solutions, Inc., (OTC MARKETS: “GWSO”), a worldwide developer of technologies that help mitigate Global Warming and its effect on the Planet announces the closing of its Private Placement today in the amount of $1,250,000. The Private Placement was executed with current shareholders of the company under “Standard 144 Restrictions”.

“We are pleased to announce the closing of our Private Placement. The funds will allow the company to move forward with its business plan and strategies,” said Vladimir Vasilenko, CEO of GWSO.  “The investment validates the continued support and confidence of our most valued investors and is in the interest of all of our shareholders. It allows us to not only have the working capital we need for key operations but also to begin investing in our plethora of planned deals within numerous corporate divisions. The company is well positioned in this space both for now and the future Shortly we will announce exciting projects we have been negotiating and will soon announce their implementation”. 

To give an example of why this is the right time and place for “GWSO”, one only need to look at the latest Article from the Seattle Times which was published yesterday as a reprint from the Washington Post from February 26th. It was written by Washington Post columnists, Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis. To paraphrase…” President Joe Biden on Friday dramatically altered the way the U.S. Government calculates the real-world cost of climate change, a move that could reshape a range of consequential decisions, from whether to allow coal leasing on federal land to what sort of steel is used in taxpayer-funded infrastructure projects. The administration plans to boost the figure it will use to assess the damage that greenhouse gas pollution inflicts on society to $51 per ton of carbon dioxide – a rate more than seven times higher than used by former President Donald Trump’s administration. But the number known as the “social cost of carbon”, could reach as high as $125 per ton once the administration conducts a more thorough analysis.… Confronting climate change will cost money, she added. And putting a higher price on global warming’s damages “highlights the large hidden costs of doing nothing…While this is not a new tax that consumers will have to pay, it would make it harder for fossil fuel projects to win government approval by factoring in their long-term costs to society”.

Mr. Vasilenko concluded when reading this article that, “by having the U.S. Government dramatically increase the real-world cost of climate change, this is great news for companies like GWSO in that both Corporations and Governments will no longer be able to spend their way out of this natural planetary disaster. They will have to turn to companies like ours that provide ground-breaking technological solutions to the problem! We have some of the key ingredients and necessary solutions. In the coming weeks and months, governments, private industry, and our shareholders will begin to recognize that and the company will then begin to enter into the lexicon of “Global Warming Solutions” for Planet Earth”. This will ultimately fulfill our previously stated “Mission Statement” to become the “Preeminent Global Leader in Carbon Dioxide Reduction Worldwide”.     

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