Telesat Selects CloudOps to Develop Cloud Infrastructure for Telesat Lightspeed LEO Network

Designed and developed by CloudOps in Québec, Telesat Lightspeed Cloud will offer the flexibility and versatility required for next-generation, space-based connectivity for enterprise customers

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

OTTAWA, March 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Telesat, one of the world’s most innovative satellite operators, today announced an agreement with cloud consulting, managed services and software company CloudOps to build Telesat Lightspeed Cloud. CloudOps will deliver a cloud infrastructure, leveraging best-in-class technologies available across multiple cloud vendors, that will allow Telesat to deliver highly flexible services to customers over its Telesat Lightspeed Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network. This agreement includes the design and development of the cloud infrastructure, cloud-native data platforms, and system operations optimized for Telesat Lightspeed. 

A leader in cloud computing, cloud networking, and DevOps solutions, CloudOps will build a highly agile network infrastructure, allowing Telesat Lightspeed Cloud to dynamically scale as required to meet Telesat’s most demanding customer requirements. Applications will be able to operate seamlessly across Telesat cloud resources and customers’ cloud services, while continuing to provide the most secure, highest quality of service. 

Following the recent announcement of Telesat’s new campus in Québec and the C$1.8 billion Telesat Lightspeed program investment into the province, including the creation of 600 highly-skilled jobs, this agreement with Montréal-based CloudOps furthers Telesat’s ongoing commitment to supporting job creation and economic growth in Québec. 

“As the first enterprise-grade LEO network, Telesat Lightspeed requires the advanced, agile cloud and data infrastructure that industry leader CloudOps can provide,” said Erwin Hudson, Vice President of LEO at Telesat. “CloudOps has vast experience and expertise in best-of-breed open source and proprietary technologies and is clearly the right partner to meet our business and technical goals for the Telesat Lightspeed Cloud architecture.”

“Modern applications require networks, cloud, and edge computing to work in concert to support rich experiences for customers,” stated Ian Rae, CEO and Founder of CloudOps. “This important work will support bringing these applications and experiences to a much broader audience, allowing Canadians and global industries to access more affordable and higher-performance internet experiences. CloudOps is proud to offer its 15 years of experience in multi-cloud and edge computing solutions to support the success of the Telesat Lightspeed service introduction.”

About Telesat

Backed by a legacy of engineering excellence, reliability and industry-leading customer service, Telesat is one of the largest and most successful global satellite operators. Telesat works collaboratively with its customers to deliver critical connectivity solutions that tackle the world’s most complex communications challenges, providing powerful advantages that improve their operations and drive profitable growth.

Continuously innovating to meet the connectivity demands of the future, Telesat Lightspeed, the company’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network, will be the first and only LEO network optimized to meet the rigorous requirements of telecom, government, maritime and aeronautical customers. Operating under its global priority Ka-band spectrum rights, Telesat Lightspeed will redefine global satellite connectivity with ubiquitous, affordable, high-capacity links with fibre-like speeds.

Privately held and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with offices and facilities around the world, Telesat’s principal shareholders are Canada’s Public Sector Pension Investment Board and Loral Space & Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: LORL). For more information, visit

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About CloudOps:

CloudOps is a cloud consulting, managed services, and software company focused on open source, cloud native platforms, networking, and DevOps. CloudOps’ cloud platform and tool agnostic approach builds on over fifteen years of experience in cloud computing, cloud networking, and DevOps solutions.

CloudOps helps customers use and build cloud platforms, with an emphasis on operational success and networking connectivity. The mission is to ensure customers own their destiny in the cloud™. This means leveraging the flexibility of the cloud while reserving the right to change technologies and components without vendor lock-in, in order to meet changing business goals over time.

Some of CloudOps’ partnerships include CloudMC for edge orchestration software, for Infrastructure as a Service, and CloudBeach for digital workspaces. For media enquiries, please contact

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