For The Biome Delivers Highly Anticipated Formulation of Cistus Incanus to North American Market, Mediterranean Herb Clinically Proven to Strengthen Immune Response in 2 Hours

Industry Icon Paul Schulick Unveils Immune Therapy Cistus+ Infusion with Extraordinary Combination of Protective Compounds

DUMMERSTON, VT, March 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For The Biome, founded by industry innovator and master herbalist Paul Schulick, has launched Immune Therapy Cistus+ Infusion, a groundbreaking formula that’s clinically proven to strengthen your immune response within 2 hours.*  The headline ingredient is the Mediterranean super-herb, Cistus incanus. This is the first time that a cistus formulation will be widely available to the North American market.    

Schulick, who has created some of the most iconic natural products of the last 40 years, credits Cistus incanus as the most important discovery he has yet encountered in the natural world. Along with a potent dose of cistus, Immune Therapy Cistus+ Infusion features synergistic botanicals that help amplify its clinically proven efficacy, and includes vitamin C-rich rosehip, immunomodulating blackcurrant leaf and chaga mushroom. The formula is supported by pre-clinical and clinical results showing that within 1-2 hours, immune cells were activated to have a strengthened response to threats. Immune Therapy Cistus+ Infusion has the potential to become the standard for building strength and resilience of the immune system amidst modern health challenges. 

Cistus Incanus, A Mediterranean Super-Herb with a Rich History: 

Also known as pink rockrose, Cistus incanuss distinct character is a rare combination of protective compounds, making it one of the most beneficial herbs ever evaluated. Possessing at least 32 known polyphenols, Cistus incanus has been revered for centuries as a highly beneficial, cleansing, and immune-supportive herb. Modern clinical studies confirm traditional use for this immunomodulating effects and support of overall well-being.  

“In my entire career, I’ve yet to see another herb deliver such powerful results,” says Schulick, who recently left the corporate world to independently continue his work in redefining the supplement industry’s immune category with science-backed herbals. “Greek farmers and monks have an ancestral knowledge of Cistus incanus, which no doubt has contributed to the Mediterranean being known as a longevity zone,” says Schulick. “The people of the Halkidiki peninsula in Greece have been drinking Cistus incanus as tea for thousands of years. To this day, people in this region are known for living beyond the age of 100 more than in other parts of the world and Cistus incanus is, in my opinion, one of the key reasons why.”  

The plant itself thrives under profoundly adverse conditions, growing in a harsh Mediterranean ecosystem and enduring drought, intense sun exposure, and high temperatures. This leads the plant to produce high levels and a unique combination of polyphenols to protect itself. Schulick used his extensive sourcing expertise to locate, test, accentuate, and validate potent ingredients in order to create the most phytoactive-rich cistus formulation available. In an industry where adulteration is common, Schulick wants his customers to be confident knowing they have the “best of the best,” with ingredients validated through third-party testing to ensure the highest quality available.   

Drinking Cistus - A Cascade of Positive Events: 

Immune Therapy Cistus+ Infusion comes in jumbo, eco-friendly steeping bags for easy preparation. Upon drinking the infusion, the mouth is bathed with a unique array of protective actives. There are many benefits of drinking an infusion, as it allows the herbs to directly contact the immune tissues in your mouth and throat and quickly absorb for faster results. Biotransformed phytoactives immediately work with your microbiome to enhance your gut barrier with short-chain fatty acids and help signal a healthy immune response. The formula does not focus on “boosting” your immune system, as this may not have a desirable effect in your body. Instead, Immune Therapy supports what Schulick has termed a “wiser immune system.” A wiser immune system can make a more precise, effective, and balanced immune response that is better able to respond to challenges. 

Immune Therapy Cistus+ Infusion comes in a refillable jar with 10 infusion bags. Net Weight: 2.1oz (60g). Suggested use: Drink one 12-oz cup for daily support and fast-acting protection. Price: $29.95. Available now at 

About For The Biome 

For The Biome’s mission is to deliver solutions for body, mind, and microbiome that build strength and resilience amidst modern health challenges. Founder Paul Schulick is renowned for pioneering whole-food fermented vitamins integrated with science-backed herbals. Bolstered by his track record of consistently launching #1-selling innovations at New Chapter, which he founded in 1982 and sold to P&G in 2012, Schulick has once again shifted the paradigm by redefining the immune category with time-tested ingredients that are new to market. For The Biome’s three immune products—Immune Therapy Cistus+ Infusion, Stress Therapy, and Gut-Lung Therapy—are formulated in Vermont and launched March 2021. To learn more, visit

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For The Biome's  Immune Therapy Cistus+ Infusion is now available to the North American market for the first time. Created by Master Herbalist Paul Schulick, the groundbreaking formula contains an extraordinary combination of protective compounds clinically proven to strengthen the immune response within 2 hours*. Immune Therapy Cistus+ Infusion is formulated with the Mediterranean super-herb, Cistus incanus. Also known as Pink Rockrose, it contains a rare combination of immune-supporting compounds with at least 32 known polyphenols. The people of the Mediterranean region have been drinking Cistus as a tea for thousands of years.

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