Deem Partners With Corporate Travel Management to Elevate Customer Experience and Make Movie Magic

Oakland, March 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deem, a leading mobile and cloud technology provider for the corporate travel industry, today announced its new partnership with travel management company Corporate Travel Management (CTM). Based in Charlotte, NC, CTM offers white-glove service and leading technology to all its customers, including the many entertainment productions and film VIPs it counts as clients.

“Customer experience and service, along with innovation and execution excellence, are core to our DNA,” said Deem President David Grace. “CTM shares our values and helps us serve our customers and their travelers.”

CTM’s success with the entertainment industry, in particular, is due in large part to its ability to provide extremely high-touch service when accommodating VIPs. “Two of our principal values are to provide leading technology and outstanding service,” stated CTM President Kelly Noftsger. “We’re always interested in optimizing the travel experience for our clients by providing a better experience through technology, but never sacrificing the levels of service we’ve become so well known for.”

Deem’s concentration on creating exceptional travel booking and management technology was a primary factor in CTM’s decision to begin the partnership. Unlike some of the legacy products that try to do both booking and expense, which restricts customers’ choices for expense platforms, Deem focuses its efforts on building a superior business travel solution. This approach allows Deem to be flexible enough to integrate with almost any expense partner, so clients can use the expense software that works best for them.

Another deciding factor was Deem’s robust mobile platform. While there are many other mobile apps being offered to business travelers, only a small percentage allow travelers to search, book, and manage all components of their trip, including flights, hotel, and ground transportation. Deem’s latest mobile app, in the form of the newly released Etta platform, offers the additional benefits of being an intuitive, consumer-like experience for travelers, working with iOS accessibility functionality, dynamic messaging capabilities, and more, making it a complete business travel solution for travelers and their employers.

See the Etta mobile app on the Apple App Store. The Etta app for Android is expected later this summer.

Read the customer story about CTM on our website.

About Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel Management, Inc. is a travel management company (TMC), yet our responsiveness and flexibility provides you with the kind of attention that might be more commonly associated with a traditional travel agency.

The daily operations of CTM have been owner-managed and woman-owned since the company began operations in 1990. Our goal has always been to provide client companies with comprehensive, high quality travel services and technology, while also maximizing the value of their travel budgets. When put into place, CTM guarantees our client partners will have the most cost effective and easy to manage travel program possible.

Corporate Travel Management, Inc. (CTM) is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. To start the conversation, find us at



About Deem

Deem is on a mission to transform travel. With its corporate travel booking and management platform that allows travel managers to customize their programs, Deem offers employees everything they need to easily make the right travel decisions for themselves and their company. Deem’s travel technology plugs into major travel agencies and expense solution providers, enabling more corporate customers and the world’s largest travel management companies.

Deem is a wholly owned and independently run subsidiary of Enterprise Holdings. The company is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices in Dublin, Ireland and Bangalore, India. Learn more at



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