The Rise Of The Kasamba's Online Psychic Chat Service During Covid-19

NEW YORK, March 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Since 2020, the world has experienced a new kind of norm; that has kept us isolated and distanced from the world. This new reality has hit hard on an emotional and mental basis for many people and being isolated means that there are not many options to seek advice or help.

While everything has gone digital, more and more people have taken solace in the online psychic chat services that offer one-on-one service, 24/7.The exponential growth in this industry has skyrocketed, and in this article, we will find out exactly why that is.

It’s More Than Just A Psychic Service

For the most part, when people think of psychics, they imagine a psychic sitting in a dark room with a mysterious crystal ball glowing in front of their faces. Could they predict the future? Are they really gifted? One of the leading online chat services in the industry, Kasamba offers spiritual guidance and has been doing so for 20+ years. It is a one-stop source of psychics that come from all walks of life. Each psychic is unique as they offer their own kind of readings such as tarot readings, angel card reading, love life advice, numerology readings, astrology readings, and so much more. However, in these testing times, people use this service to ease their racing thoughts and hearts. Many are looking at receiving advice; they just need someone to lend an ear, and they need to know that things will turn out alright in the end.

Enter The Covid Era

Since the pandemic has taken over the world and our lives, Kasamba reported a stark rise in growth. Why is this the case? Because the lockdowns and the pandemic itself have instilled emotions such as fear, anxiety, and loneliness, many people worldwide are turning for guidance at a challenging time like this.

Is It The Fear Of The Unknown?

One of their psychic advisors, Psychic Sara, has had an influx of new users wanting to gain deeper insights into their life. “People fear the unknown, and when they can’t see what could happen in the near future, they turn to us.” Psychic Sara has been using her intuitive gifts since childhood and, today, has garnered thousands of 5-star reviews on the Kasamba platform. She has witnessed many people in turmoil and turn their life around again by seeking psychic and spiritual advice. “I’ve had people coming to me in panic, not knowing what road to take. Careers is especially concerning for many of my clients, and I am so happy I can give them clarity on these areas in life,” she adds.

It’s Time For An Introspection

Psychic Janice has started guiding many of her users into a state of mindfulness, where they can dig a little deeper into their souls and mend the emotional turmoil they subconsciously feel. “Most of my clients realized, thanks to the pandemic, that life is short, and it’s time to live and let be. Many of them want to do a soul-cleansing or a soul-awakening. It’s very tough to go back to some parts of your life that caused you pain, but the key here is to accept it and let it go, and this is how I’m helping them.”

Where Is This Relationship Going?

One of the popular themes where users seek clarity is on their relationship status or lack thereof. Psychic Devin explains, “All of a sudden, people found themselves under lengthy lockdown with their significant other. A lot of issues, arguments, and disagreements naturally come up, but for some, this adds strain on their relationship. Many people need spiritual relationship advice in this regard and are willing to try a different route like this.” One anonymous user by the alias name of John explains, “Couple’s therapy didn’t cut it for me. I knew that in order to make my relationship work, I’ve had to work on myself first. I was able to enjoy Kasamba’s psychic service because I also stayed anonymous, and that was a big deal for me.”

Is My Soulmate Also Stuck At Home?

On the other extreme, the once-bustling dating scene has also taken a nosedive, with many single people eager to find the one have now been left to their own devices. Single people have been left clueless, feeling alone and not knowing whether they would find the one. They, too, have been using Kasamba to find clarity on the matter. Psychic Zuco explains, “At some point, things will return to a new normal, but until then, the what-ifs and the confusion consume people’s feelings and thoughts, and it’s that much harder when you find yourself on your own without a partner.”

So, How Do You Find A Spiritual Advisor?

Many people are not sure how to find a spiritual advisor in the first place. This is the beauty of Kasamba and why it is the leader in the online psychic community. Firstly, they screen all their psychics and make sure they are the real-deal. Secondly, you register for an account (which you will always remain anonymous) and you can choose a psychic by the types of readings that they do, their price, their expertise, gender, and so much more. What’s more, Kasamba offers 3 free minutes with each, new psychic advisor, giving you a chance to see if you feel comfortable continuing the chat or not.


We have all had to endure some form of emotion during the Covid pandemic. It has affected people in different ways, but this is for sure; Kasamba has been offering its services in these trying times, and people need spiritual guidance more than ever. Kasamba’s advisors offer a beacon of hope, a light, and insights into their client’s lives, lighting the dark path and instilling optimism in a world full of chaos.

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