Teeka Tiwari Crypto's Next Trillion-Dollar Coin Event is Here

Teeka Tiwari recently announced the next not to be missed cryptocurrency webinar by Teeka himself and the Palm Beach Research Group for March 31, 2021 that could reveal the next trillion dollar crypto market cap.

New York, NY, March 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Teeka Tiwari recently announced a webinar for March 31, 2021.

During the webinar, Teeka will reveal the next cryptocurrency that could reach a trillion-dollar market cap.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to break the $1 trillion market cap barrier. Which coin will be next? On March 31, Teeka will announce the coin he believes will reach that mark in the near future. Known as Mr. Big T, Teeka Tiwari has been an outspoken advocate of Bitcoin since it was under $450 back in 2016 and even was laughed at back in November 2020 when he said how Bitcoin would be $60,000-$70,000 much faster than most people thought.

Fast forward a handful of months later and here we are with Bitcoin growing to record highs and Teeka has his vision set on Crypto's Next Trillion Dollar Coin.

What is the Trillion-Dollar Coin Webinar?

The Trillion-Dollar Coin Webinar is an upcoming webinar from Teeka Tiwari and his Palm Beach Research Group team. Teeka Tiwari is a former hedge fund manager and current investment analyst. He’s also a big fan of cryptocurrency.

Teeka told his followers to buy bitcoin long before it reached its current highs of $50,000 and above. Teeka has been telling his followers to buy bitcoin for years. He told his followers to continue buying bitcoin throughout the “crypto winter,” when bitcoin reached lows below $5,000, insisting it was a temporary dip in an upward cycle.

With bitcoin priced above $50,000, it’s tough for investors to get exponential gains on the world’s largest cryptocurrency – and the only cryptocurrency with a $1 trillion market cap.

However, Teeka believes he has identified the next cryptocurrency to reach that market cap.

During the Trillion-Dollar Coin Webinar, Teeka will reveal the details about the name and ticker symbol of that coin to anyone attending the webinar.

You can attend the webinar for free online by submitting your email address into the online form. On the day of the webinar, you’ll receive a link to the website where you can view it.

The Trillion-Dollar Coin Webinar is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, March 31, at 8 pm ET.

The Trillion-Dollar Coin “Could Be the App Store of Blockchain”

We can’t reveal Teeka’s trillion-dollar coin recommendation upfront without spoiling the webinar. However, Teeka is leaving clues for his followers.

In a recent email from Greg Wilson, the Palm Beach Daily analyst, we learned about a platform that “could be the app store of blockchain.” It’s possible this dApp store is the trillion-dollar coin Teeka will reveal during his upcoming webinar.

In that email, we learn the story of a kid named Nick D’Aloisio, who released his first app when he was 12-years old. By the time he was 17, Nick had sold his app (called Summly) for $30 million. It was the start of the app revolution.

Today, we’re facing the decentralized app (‘dApp’) revolution. While the internet had apps, blockchain has dApps.

Here’s how Greg explains the explosion of decentralized apps in his recent email:

“D’Aloisio’s road to riches marked the beginning of an explosion in apps…Today, we’re seeing a similar trend in the blockchain space, the underlying technology of cryptos.”

We’ve already seen how blockchain can revolutionize transactions. Bitcoin has changed the financial system in a significant way.

Now, we’re about to see how blockchain can revolutionize the internet as a whole. Decentralized apps are preparing to disrupt entire industries.

What Do Decentralized Apps (dApps) Do?

dApps are already changing certain parts of the world. Some of the examples mentioned by Greg Wilson include:

Uniswap: Uniswap is a decentralized app that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies. It works similar to how TD Ameritrade allows you to trade stocks. Uniswap makes it easy and seamless to transfer your holdings from one asset to another.

Axie Infinity: Axie Infinity is a decentralized app game based on the blockchain. It’s similar to popular mobile games like Clash of Clans but with all transactions secured by the blockchain. Users can raise, battle, and trade creatures called Axies, then earn actual crypto for their conquests.

Other dApps: There are countless decentralized apps already changing the world today. They’re targeting everything from finance to gaming. As dApp development intensifies, we’ll continue to see decentralized apps changing everything.

Could the Next Trillion-Dollar Cryptocurrency Be a dApp Store?

Instead of investing in a specific decentralized app, investors could invest in the overall trend by buying tokens for the biggest dApp store.

Teeka’s trillion-dollar cryptocurrency is related to the world’s largest dApp store. By buying tokens for that dApp store today, you can earn huge returns as the market explodes.

We saw something similar occur with Apple. Apple runs its own app store. You must pay Apple a commission to get your app on the iOS app store. Apple created an ecosystem for developers that makes it easy for them to distribute and monetize their apps. It gave developers a kit of tools they can use for free to develop apps.

A thriving app store doesn’t just encourage people to buy iPhones: it creates huge business for Apple, as explained by Greg Wilson:

“In 2020 alone, Apple customers spent an estimated $72.3 billion on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps in the Apple App Store. That’s about 28% of its overall $260 billion revenue – a huge chunk of business.”

Since the app store launched, Apple has paid over $150 billion to developers who sell digital goods and services through the app store. That may seem like a lot, but one estimate suggested that Apple has earned $519 billion from its app store in total, more than seven times the revenue generated by direct app sales.

In other words, creating an app store is a great way to make money. And one platform is already solidifying itself as the biggest dApp store.

What is the dApp Store of Crypto?

Tapping into the dApp space at the right time could generate huge returns. The secret, of course, is trying to predict the next decentralized app store.

So what’s the dApp store of crypto? If you can answer that question, you can identify the next trillion-dollar coin.

Greg and Teeka Tiwari are confident that the token for the dApp store of crypto will be the world’s next trillion-dollar coin:

“If it can do what Apple did, Daily editor Teeka Tiwari believes it will be [the] next trillion-dollar coin. It will take crypto to [the] next level… and send smaller coins up 25x or even 50x – just like Apple did for some breakout apps on its platform.”

You may not be able to make exponential gains on bitcoin. Even if bitcoin increases, you’re unlikely to turn a small investment into a massive fortune.

However, there’s still potential for smaller coins to provide returns of 25x to 50x, according to Teeka Tiwari and his team:

“While the mainstream media and Wall Street are focused on bitcoin volatility and other market sectors, tech billionaires are quietly going all-in on this coin and adopting its technology to enhance and fund their projects. And the good news is, there’s still time for Main Street investors to join them and cash in…”

The webinar is held online and leads with stats of individuals earning 38,055%, 17,613%, 3,237%, and other impressive amounts.

The dApp store of crypto isn’t a theoretical thing: it’s a genuine platform that’s already here. In fact, the platform already hosts 80% of all dApps, according to Wilson:

“Right now, dApps are developing the way apps did in 2008. And there are several projects adding new dApps every month. But there’s one, in particular, leading the way. It’s responsible for over 80% of dApps. And it could certainly become the “App Store” of the crypto space.”

To discover the name of that dApp, just attend the webinar on March 31.

How to Attend Teeka Tiwari’s March 31 Webinar

Teeka Tiwari is hosting the Crypto’s Next Trillion-Dollar Coin webinar on Wednesday, March 31 at 8 pm ET.

The webinar is free for anyone to attend. Just enter your email address into the online form to register, and you’ll receive a link to the webinar on that date.

During the webinar, Teeka will reveal the name and ticker symbol of his recommended coin. This is the coin Teeka believes will be the next to reach a trillion-dollar market cap.

What’s the Catch?

The March 31 webinar is genuinely free for anyone to attend. You don’t have to buy anything, sign up for any paid subscription services, or enter your credit card information to attend the webinar.

During the lead-up to the event, you’ll get promos from Teeka Tiwari and the Palm Beach Research Group team. You’ll also receive details after the webinar, including information for the company’s crypto-focused investment newsletter, Palm Beach Confidential.

About Teeka Tiwari

Teeka Tiwari is a former hedge fund manager who now publishes investment analysis online through Palm Beach Research Group.

Teeka has been an outspoken advocate for bitcoin over the last few years, regardless of the price of bitcoin. He leads crypto-focused investment newsletters for Palm Beach Research Group, including Palm Beach Confidential.

About Palm Beach Research Group

Palm Beach Research Group is a Delray Beach, Florida-based financial publishing company. Teeka Tiwari and other investment analysts lead the company. These analysts publish investment recommendations in free and paid newsletters.

Some Palm Beach Research Group newsletters target commodity investing. Others target crypto investing, conservative investing, and other plays.

You can contact Palm Beach Research Group through email, phone, online form, or mail:

Final Word

Teeka Tiwari is hosting a webinar on March 31 featuring his prediction for the world’s next trillion-dollar cryptocurrency.

Teeka expects this cryptocurrency to rise as high as bitcoin did, eventually surpassing the $1 trillion mark. By buying this cryptocurrency today, you could earn huge returns on investment.

The cryptocurrency is related to decentralized apps. It’s a token for the platform that currently has 80% of dApps. Teeka believes it could become the crypto place's main dApp store, providing huge returns for investors.

To learn more about Teeka’s recommended cryptocurrency and how it works, sign up for the Crypto’s Next Trillion-Dollar Coin webinar on March 31 at 8 pm ET.

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