Pico Interactive Supports Consumer VR Development for Asian Market with Pico Studios Division

Developers encouraged to submit apps for Pico’s 6DoF headsets for consumers to use in Asia

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, March 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pico Interactive, a global tech company that develops innovative virtual reality (VR) and enterprise solutions, announces that its publishing division – Pico Studios – is partnering with top global developers to bring its 6DoF VR apps and games to consumers in Asia. While Pico Interactive focuses on enterprise solutions for businesses in the West, the publishing arm gives consumers in Asia a way to purchase games for Pico’s 6DoF VR headsets.

Pico’s closure of its recent $67.23 M B and B+ funding rounds helps Pico Studios achieve its mission of bringing quality VR games from global developers to the Asian market. It also allows game and app developers to introduce their products to a brand-new audience – enabling them to earn more revenue.

Pico Studios has launched more than 400 apps on the Pico Store already. With the rise of 6DoF experiences, Pico Studios now allows developers to release their content onto the Neo 2, Neo 2 Lite and future 6DoF headsets – like the Neo 3. Currently, the 6DoF games that consumers can download from the Pico Store include SUPERHOT VR, Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, OhShape, Sairento VR: Untethered, Death Horizon: Reloaded, and Racket: Nx.

“With our Pico Studios division and B and B+ funding rounds, we’re expanding our consumer offerings in Asia and supporting developers by helping with app and game porting, lending out dev kits, supporting app and game localization, setting up servers for multi-player games, providing monetary assistance and delivering SDKs,” said Jessie Zhang, senior director of Pico Studios. “As we continue to work with development studios in the West to release not only fan-favorite games but also new, innovative ones, consumers in Asia will have a large supply of entertainment accessible right from the Pico Store.”

Developers are welcome to submit their 6DoF creations for the Pico team to review. If accepted, the app will be listed on the Pico Store and become accessible to the growing audience of Pico users in China, Japan and South Korea. To submit or inquire for more information, email content@pico-interactive.com.

For more information on Pico Interactive, visit www.pico-interactive.com. For more information on Pico Studios, follow us on Twitter at @Pico_Studio.

About Pico Studios
Pico Studios, a division of Pico Interactive, partners with global developers to bring their games and apps to new audiences in Asia. The team helps developers increase revenue by getting their content in front of an emerging audience of consumers that are eager to try the best games and apps on the Pico Platform. Pico Studios provides publishing and go-to-market services to ensure developers’ apps get seen and played. Pico Studios publishes VR experiences to the Pico Store on both 6DoF headsets, like the Neo 2 and Neo 2 Lite, and 3DoF headsets, like the G2 4K. To learn more, email content@pico-interactive.com.

About Pico Interactive
Pico Interactive focuses on innovative VR and AR solutions that enable businesses to create and experience the best in VR and Interactive Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). With operations in the United States, Europe, China and Japan, Pico Interactive focuses on creating amazing VR platforms for any application and is built around the principle of “user-first design.” To learn more, visit www.pico-interactive.com.

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