Ndau Soars to Record Highs Topping $100 Million Market Cap

NDAU Tops $100M Market Cap

Isle of Man, March 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ndau, the world’s first adaptive digital currency, has climbed almost 26% over the last 30 days to a high of $22.44 on CoinMarketCap. Its price has increased over 150% since November 2020, and it recently announced an upcoming listing on Bittrex.

The asset is optimized for a long-term store of value with staking income. Its adaptive properties place it in a category of its own by having the freedom to rise in value with increasing demand while mitigating downside volatility. Furthermore, ndau is a decentralized, trusted ecosystem where holders digitally self-govern through a Blockchain Policy Council.

Ndau’s price has climbed at a blistering rate over recent months, further accelerated after breaking through its high of around $18.00 in February. Its latest price rise, coming just days after the cryptocurrency broke through the closely watched $20.50 level, means the combined value of the approximate 5.1 million ndau tokens in circulation are now worth over $100 million — double the $50 million market cap in 2020. Correspondingly, its Endowment has risen to $22 million.

This rally is driven by greater social acceptance of the network along with extraordinary interest from institutions, corporate treasuries, retail investors, and other big investors. It has also been bolstered by interest from the likes of Investview Inc. (INVU), a $1.5 billion diversified financial technology company specializing in the management of digital asset technologies with a focus on Bitcoin mining and the new generation of digital assets, which announced it had added one million ndau to its corporate treasury balance sheet. Recent institutional interest in ndau “cannot be overstated” according to Ciarán Hynes, Director at ndau development team Oneiro.

Another reason is the network’s set of features that are attractive to long-term holders. As a Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain, it makes the most out of the staking model that has become a popular concept within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The idea is that holders can earn passive income by locking their assets for a certain period of time in exchange for rewards distributed by the network.

However, many of these programs require deposits in accounts that are not owned by the user. Ndau provides services such as in-wallet staking that does away with the middlemen that are common in other implementations. Holders can receive an Economic Alignment Incentive (EAI) that can reach up to 15% in yearly rewards when locked for three years directly to their ndau wallet app. This way, stakers retain custody of their assets all throughout the lock period.

Together with multisig — a feature that requires multiple users to sign on a transaction before it's approved — this showcases ndau’s commitment to protecting and servicing long-term holders. An important consideration for the wave of institutional investors joining the space. John Lester, Head of Product Management at Oneiro, believes in-wallet staking “is one of the most secure DeFi features on the Cosmos Network, or any network.”

Ndau’s fast-growing acceptance, together with a commitment to decentralization and security, make it one of the best options in the cryptocurrency market for a store of value. One to be held alongside Bitcoin or Ethereum.

About ndau

Ndau is an adaptive digital currency built by Oneiro to optimize for long-term store of value and supported by a decentralized ecosystem. It is built on the Tendermint protocol and is a premier DeFi solution on Cosmos Network. Designed with built-in economic structures that incentivize both stability and potential for growth, ndau provides all the benefits of a digital currency while promoting more fair and accountable governance, dependability, and greater safety for owners not found in existing cryptocurrencies. Ndau is not pegged to fiat currencies or commodities, allowing for more desirable characteristics for long-term holders in particular. For more information on ndau, please visit: www.ndau.io.

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Ndau Soars to Record Highs Topping $100 Million Market Cap