Terraboost Announces Mass Donation of $3.6 Million of Hand Sanitizer Wipes and Dispensers to Help USA Food Banks

Miami, Florida

CHICAGO, April 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Terraboost, a Chicago-based “purpose-driven” manufacturer of sanitizer, wipes and other wellness products, as well as a national Out of Home (OOH) media company, today announced it will donate over 100 million wipes and 480 wipe dispensers to various organizations around the United States who give aid to the impoverished, elderly, and other people in need. 

Five organizations located in 12 cities will be the recipients of this mass donation, and 12 cities were part of the windfall of PPE supplies needed to keep vulnerable community members safe. The five non-profit organizations and their locations are:

  1. CityTeam
    • Oakland, CA
    • San Francisco, CA
    • San Jose, CA
  2. Feed The Children
    • Oklahoma City, OK
    • Elkhart, IN
    • Bethlehem, PA
    • LaVergne, TN
  3. Midwest Food Bank
    • Normal, IL
    • Indianapolis, IN
  4. Greater Chicago Food Repository
    • Chicago, IL
  5. Meals on Wheels 

“The combined efforts of these amazing partners reach well over 10 million people annually. They all strive to serve the communities they are in by providing food security and other measures to sustain those in need,” said Terraboost CEO Brian Morrison. “At a time when COVID-19 is still a danger, especially to more vulnerable groups, it’s important that people are able to sanitize effectively. Such a widespread mission demanded a widespread solution, so Terraboost stepped up to the plate.”

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Terraboost became two separate businesses united under a mission to provide local communities with hand sanitizer supplies and businesses with unique branding opportunities. Terraboost Industries quickly expanded the Tazza Hand Sanitizer Brand to meet the growing demand for PPE. The Chicago manufacturing plant became a hub for manufacturing of various disinfecting and sanitizing wipes, creating new domestic jobs while unemployment was on the rise. 

Terraboost Media continued to support local communities and businesses by operating over 100,000 sanitizing billboards across the U.S. These hand sanitizer kiosks are located in national supermarket and drug store chains, like Albertsons and CVS, to provide shoppers access to wellness products upon entering a store. These wellness products are made available through the generous sponsorship of local businesses, national brands and service providers who advertise on the billboards.

“Terraboost’s commitment to the health and wellness of all communities in the United States is ongoing,” Morrison added. “We can all expect to see more partnerships between Terraboost and non-profit partners as we continue to strive together towards healthier communities for all.”

About Hunger in the United States

Before the coronavirus pandemic, more than 35 million people struggled with hunger in the United States, including more than 10 million children. Children are the most likely group in the United States to face food insecurity. The coronavirus pandemic has likely caused the number of people experiencing hunger to increase. Estimates say that potentially more than 50 million people now are facing food insecurity. (source: https://www.feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america/facts)

About Terraboost 

Terraboost is a “Purpose Driven” manufacturer of sanitizer, wipes and other wellness products while also boasting a network of more than 100,000 sanitizing billboards across the U.S.  Terraboost is proud to collaborate with some of the country’s most admired retailers, to deliver comprehensive health & wellness solutions addressing the safety and well-being of the public. To learn more, email advertising@terraboost.com or visit www.shop.terraboost.com.

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