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Bed Scrunchie can be described as a 360-degree bed sheet holder tightening system made to improve any bed's look. Check out the details.

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New York, NY, April 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One of the most annoying things during sleep is bed sheets constantly popping off the bed. Not only does it interfere with your sleep, but the sheets also get old quickly. If you have been grappling with this problem, Jack Nekhala invented the Bed Scrunchie, equipment that seeks to end your sleeping woes. Jack had a personal story behind this innovation; his luxury king-sized bedsheets refused to stay put in bed during sleep. The Bed Scrunchie provides to improve your room's image and provide a lasting solution as your falling bed sheets during the night.

The company responsible for this product is Luxzor Linens, which was founded in 2005. It is based in the US and is also responsible for manufacturing towels, rugs, sheets, and other household textile products. Linens sell the device directly to individual customers and larger clients like flawless hotel sheets, hospital beds, or learning institutions.

In this Bed Scrunchie reviews, we provide all the information you may need to know about this equipment. Read through it and learn about the construction, usage, benefits, and why you need to sleep tight. You would understand what the 360-degree all-in-one bed tightening product is worth every price from various other reviews.

Bed Scrunchie is the world’s first 360-degree, all-in-one bed tightening solution.

What is Bed Scrunchie?

At a glance, Bed Scrunchie can be described as a 360-degree bed sheet holder tightening system made to improve any bed's look. Once you attach the scrunchie to your fitted sheet, the device tightens the fitted sheet to give them a firmer and a better outlook. Most customers appreciate the one size fits feature provided by this device. Bed Scrunchie is the only 360-degree bed sheet holder available in the market. The device is available for twin XL, king, California, twin, full, and queen. Whether you are looking for a solution for your bed at home or an RV mattress, Bed Scrunchie is designed for any type or size of mattress. All you have to do is shop for this device at a reasonable price and place the clips on top of the bedsheets and get a peaceful night.

Bed Scrunchie is easy to use for anyone, plus it works for beds of all bed sizes, including kings, twins, full, adjustable beds, and many more. Bed Scrunchie comes in one size and can be transferred from one bed to another or even used in multiple rooms. The bed scrunchie is helpful when fitted on your bed; it slides under your mattress effortlessly. As a customer, you should also expect these products to change the image of their bedroom. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.) Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Construction Details and Features

The Bed Scrunchie is user-friendly, making it possible for mattresses of all types and sizes without necessarily lifting the mattress or readjusting its grip. Here is a closer look at the Bed Scrunchie construction and what you should expect when you shop for this product.

  • 360 Degree Bed Sheet Holder Wheel Lock - The bungee cord has a custom-design wheel lock with a patented buckle. The wheel lock can also be loosened to remove the fabric clips and strip off the bedsheets, as described in the information in this review.
  • Fabric Clips - The Bed Scrunchie comes with eight replaceable clips that can support up to 70 pounds and are specifically made to secure the bedsheets from damage. Note that fabric clips are available but sold separately.
  • Parachute Cord - To ensure that the device does not lose its grip, it is held by a parachute-strength bungee cord that can support up to 500 pounds of resistance. The bungee cord is helpful as your sheets will stay in place. Bed Scrunchie can be considered vegan as zero animal products are used in the manufacture of this product. Please get this product and add it to any mattress or bed size.

How to Use Bed Scrunchie

As mentioned earlier, the device is easy to use. While most competitor products may require you to lift your mattress, the Bed Scrunchie fits the mattress with no additional lifting. This unique bed holder has been manufactured to prevent any damages to your sheets and mattress regardless of how tight they are pulled.

  • Step 1: Attach the device clips to the edges of one of the bedsheets or mattress topper.
  • Step 2: Attach the fitted sheet clips 10 to 12 inches from the corner seams on the bungee cord's markings for guidance. Ensure that the buckle is centered at the bottom of your mattress.
  • Step 3: Go ahead and flip the fitted sheet over.
  • Step 4: Locate and lock the cords on the Bed Scrunchie and tighten the device until you achieve a perfect tightness level
  • Step 5: Slide the wheel lock to the buckle and pull the rope apart in the opposite direction to tighten it. Once you have achieved the desired tightness, store the remaining string underneath the mattress.
  • Step 6: The Bed Scrunchie is perfect for sleepers who keep rolling during sleep, and all you have to do is add the mattress topper on your bed, and the fabric clips would prevent the sheets from falling. Use one for the sheets and the other for the mattress topper. Once all these procedures are complete, the 360-degree bed sheet holder will not only improve the quality of your sleep it will give your room a new image.

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How Well Does The Bed Scrunchie Work?

If you read through most Bed Scrunchie reviews, you will realize that most users of this product are impressed by how Bed Scrunchie work. Bed Scrunchie fits all types of mattresses sizes, including thick and thin mattresses. From the appearance, your bed will have a perfect impression with minimum crises. With Bed Scrunchie, your bed will appear professionally made all the time. Not even the kids or pets jumping on it can change the appearance. Its installation is simple and does not require you to lift your mattress. Once you shop for the clips are ready, you will like how easy it is to use this device. You have options to choose how much you want your sheets fitted as it all depends on what you feel is helpful. The Bed Scrunchie clips is an amazing product for hospital beds, as stated in the official website's information. Bed Scrunchie can be used anywhere ad it is helpful for all bed sizes and bed types. As epitomized in most reviews, the clips are easy to set up, and you do not need to lift the mattress when using the Bed Scrunchie.

Who Is Bed Scrunchie Fit For?

The Bed Scrunchie is helpful for sleepers that toss and turn a lot while sleeping. Simultaneously, the device is helpful as it keeps the bottom sheet intact from sliding or slipping off during sleep. People with playful kids will find this device helpful, gift it to your friend with kids, and they will forever appreciate you. Bed Scrunchie was invented by Jack Nekhala and Michael, two friends with vast textile industry experience. When Jack realized that nothing seemed to solve the sheet falling problem, together with his friend, he invented a 360-degree bed sheet holder and named it Bed Scrunchie. The idea behind this device is to keep the sheets fitted during sleep. The device also helpful as it straightens flat, loose, stubborn, and short sheets.

It does not matter the bed type, size, or even the type of mattress, and Bed Scrunchie works for all. If you are the type of person who keeps moving during the night and loses your sheets, Bed Scrunchie would be perfect for you. Bed Scrunchie is helpful as it ensures you sleep tight with minimum interference for you and your child. Please shop for this good and helpful product and get all the benefits stated in this review. Bed Scrunchie is perfect for customers with loose or worn-out bed sheets. This is because the Bed Scrunchie can transform the bottom sheet into a fastened fitted sheet for buyers with top or flat sheets. It is also helpful for people with a fitted sheet that appear too small for their mattress foundations. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

How Does Bed Scrunchie Work?

If you have used a hair crunchie before, the Bed Scrunchie works the same. It consists of tension bands that are attached to your fitted sheet. The device works by pulling the fitted sheets tight from the top of your bed, thus eliminating the loose and wrinkly mess on the top of your bed. From numerous reviews, you realize Bed Scrunchie is straightforward for anyone, and it is helpful for all bed sizes ranging from twins, kings, adjustable beds, and many more. Many products related to this device do not have a one fit size; this is why you need to shop for this device. Bed Scrunchie is made to tighten sheets in all directions, which is why the device is referred to as a 360-degree bed sheet holder. The holder pins the fitted sheet to the top, bottom, right and left sides to give a complete sheet tightening solution. You can put the mattress topper or protector if needed. The clips to the edges of your bed and slides under your mattress without much effort.

Bed Scrunchie Features and Benefits

Without a doubt, we can say the Bed Scrunchie is perfect and helpful; here are some of the benefits you should expect to receive from this product. You can get one for the mattress and the other for the sheet. At the same time, in the reviews, you would realize that many customers love its versatility.

  1. Works for all bed sizes: The Bed Scrunchie is usable for both large and small size beds as well as mattresses. This means you don't have to buy a new device whenever you change your bed or mattress.
  2. Simple to set up: The Bed Scrunchie is easy to set up and does not require you to lift the mattress or interfere with your bed frame's setting. Furthermore, it would not take more than two minutes to complete its set-up.
  3. You don't have to buy new sheets: Bed Scrunchie works on the flat, fitted sheets, top sheets, and any other type of sheets. You can also use them with a mattress topper or protector, featherbeds, and protectors.
  4. No damage to sheets: Once you make your purchase and install the device on the sheet, the device would pull your sheets tight without damaging them. All it does is improve the appearance of your bed by flattening the sheets.
  5. Easy to clean: One of the best things about Bed Scrunchie is that you don't have to remove it when washing your sheets. If you decide to remove the device from your sheets for cleaning, the procedure is simple; run the machine on low cold or hot water with soap and let it dry before returning it.
  6. Highly durable: This device's manufacturer has ensured that it is last as it is made from durable plastic and the tightener from the bungee cord. It is important to note that the bedsheets straps would not lose their grip until they use one.
  7. Works for the short fitted sheet: As stated earlier in this review, most customers love the fact that they can utilize one for the sheets and one for the mattress if needed. If you have a short fitted sheet, please go ahead and gift the bed scrunchie to your loved ones, add to cart wish list today. It is no secret that Bed Scrunchie reviews 5 on average.
  8. It comes with a tight sleep guarantee: If you doubt this device's quality, you have a 100-day warranty that gives you 100 days to return the device to the manufacturer. Indeed, the product is helpful as it keeps your bedsheets stay put throughout the night. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

How to care for a Bed Scrunchie?

The Bed Scrunchie plus premium clip is machine wash. Just like any other device, all you need is water and soap and let it dry before returning it to the bed. You don't have to keep removing the device clips from the bed; leave it attached until such a time when you are cleaning your bedsheets. You can place the device on a dryer at either low, medium or even higher speed. Bed Scrunchie does not require any special attention, and you don't have to keep it away from your kids or pets. Furthermore, the device is a 360-degree bed sheet holder. You can choose to utilize one for the sheets and the other at the edges of your bed to provide a lasting solution to the loose parts of your bed. At the same time, use one that suits your needs.

The cost of Bed Scrunchie

As mentioned earlier, the Bed Scrunchie is one purchase as it is helpful in many ways, including tightening and holding sheets of all sizes, thanks to its tightening mechanism. To shop for this product, visit Website and place an order right there. No matter your bed size, this product would provide a good night solution as it helps your sheets stay put in one place. The device works in beds ranging from the king, queen, full, and many other sizes. If you are thinking of a perfect gift for your family, you will love this amazing product.

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Bed Scrunchie Refund policy

One of the best things about Bed Scrunchie is that it comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee. If you are not impressed with this product, you have a chance to request a complete refund minus the original shipping cost; however, this can only happen within 100 days after your purchase. If the Bed Scrunchie does not tighten the fitted sheets as advertised, the customer will be entitled to a complete refund. Go ahead and add to cart this perfect product and improve the quality of your sleep. Make use of all the information provided in this review and add this helpful device to your home.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the Bed Scrunchie is a perfect device that promises to tighten your bedsheets' reviews and prevents your sheets from wrinkling. Simultaneously, the Bed Scrunchie is machine wash and is entirely vegan, as seen in this review. We would recommend this product as a gift to anyone struggling to find sleep because of sheets falling. Overall, most Bed Scrunchie users agree that the device clips work as advertised and so you have no reason to doubt its credibility. Shop for this 360-degree bed sheet holder that can convert a flat into a fitter sheet. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Contact information

Manufacturer Address: 1418 E Linden Ave, Ste A, Linden, NJ 07036

Bed Scrunchie is currently marketed online by an e-commerce firm known as GiddyUp through Website. Please get in touch with GiddyUp via:

The GiddyUp Group, Inc., 20 N. Oak St., Ventura, CA 93001, USA


E-Mail: support @ giddyup . io

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