Latest Release of the Indico IPA Platform Delivers Unmatched Scalability & Performance for Analysis of Unstructured Content

Complements RPA implementations by streamlining document-based workflows in billing, contract management and claims processing

BOSTON, April 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Indico, a provider of intelligent process automation for the intake, understanding, and automation of document-based workflows, today announced significant enhancements to its award-winning Indico IPA software platform. The updates, which include expanded RPA integrations, new industry-specific ACORD form support, increased scalability, and expert implementation support services, reflect the expanded deployment of the platform for enterprise use cases.

“When we talk about ‘digital transformation,’ it conjures images of major overhauls of infrastructure, applications, and the pursuit of cloud native strategies,” said Elena Christopher, SVP at industry analyst HFS Research. “There is a much more fundamental transformation need at hand - grappling with the sheer volume of unstructured data that plagues all enterprises and gums up their ability to execute fundamental business processes. Legacy approaches emphasizing digitization are no longer viable. Solutions that combine the cognitive power of artificial intelligence with the scalability of modern computing architectures can help enterprises address this massive need.”

Indico’s IPA platform targets the growing challenge for enterprises trying to automate workflows that involve large amounts of unstructured content, e.g., documents, emails, text and images. It leverages a unique application of a proven AI methodology called Transfer Learning, which enables business users to deploy AI to unstructured enterprise content more effectively while eliminating many of the common barriers to adoption. As a result, users are able to perform custom classification, extraction and transformation tasks on unstructured content to automate critical business functions.

One large customer is utilizing the Indico IPA Platform to scale its billing workflow which includes analyzing and matching field images with service agreements to determine customer billing rates each month. The company was able to extract key images, classify them and compare them to service level agreements to determine billing rates. As a result, the company was able to increase its processing volume from 1.5 to 90 million items per month, allowing the business to meet its throughput requirements with no additional operating cost.

Key enhancements to the Indico IPA Platform include:

Out of the Box Integrations - With this version of Indico IPA, customers can now access “out of the box” integrations with leading RPA solutions including UiPath, BluePrism, and Automation Anywhere. An upcoming release will also add Microsoft Power Automate and Salesforce Lightning Flow.

Industry Applications - Indico has added the first of many planned industry-specific applications with the deployment of “out of the box” support for ACORD forms. Indico is now able to detect an ACORD form submission and automatically extract all relevant data from the form and produce a structured output that can be easily consumed by customers’ downstream platforms and data stores.

Platform Performance - The Indico IPA platform has expanded its document processing throughput to support enterprise-scale customers. In one customer instance, Indico successfully scaled from 1.5 million to over 90 million items per month with no performance degradation. Indico’s flexible cloud native container-based architecture allows for capacity to be easily added to keep up with document processing needs. Enhancements include new auto-scaling capabilities which increase/decrease the compute infrastructure as needed to reduce costs of the hosting environment when capacity is not required.

Platform Administration - Significant enhancements have been delivered in security and user management, making the platform easier for large organizations to manage. System performance metrics provide insights into the compute workload being processed with the use of the Indico IPA Platform. Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities have been enhanced to now manage support for SSO groups to the platform from the client’s Active Directory. Expansion of roles and permissions in the application allows for a hierarchical role-based approach to management of the platform, as well as license usage reporting.

Workflow Analytics - The key functionality of this latest platform release is a comprehensive set of workflow analytics. Customers are now able to view an interactive dashboard featuring detailed reporting on every deployed workflow, including items processed, time in queue, time on task, field level accuracy, and much more. The new suite of analytics enables customers to calculate the ROI and time savings delivered by the Indico IPA Platform.

Expert Support Services - Indico has created a new service discipline to aid customers on an on-going basis. Divided into product categories, the subscription services help customers integrate, optimize and manage their instance of Indico IPA for optimal value and performance. Professional services help educate and train customer staff as well as label documents to get started on a new model.

About Indico
Indico is the leading provider of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solutions. We help organizations turn process into profit by enabling them to automate manual, labor-intensive, document-based workflows. Our breakthrough in solving these challenges is an approach known as Transfer Learning, which allows users to train machine learning models with orders of magnitude less data than required by traditional rule-based techniques. With Indico, enterprises are now able to deploy AI to unstructured content challenges more effectively while eliminating many of the common barriers to adoption. For more information, visit


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