Martel’s at Capital Hills and Martel’s Grill at Town of Colonie Golf Course place high-end, commercial-grade AirBox Air Purifiers in dining and bar areas in order to provide a safer dining experience for customers

New York restaurant owner focuses on improving restaurant’s indoor air quality in order to provide a safer environment for patrons and employees

Albany, NY, April 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Local New York restaurant owner Jim Martel has placed a new focus on providing the safest dining and entertainment environment possible for his customers at his two locations, Martel’s at Capital Hills in Albany and Martel’s Grill at Town of Colonie Golf Course in Schenectady. His Town of Colonie location in particular was closed for the winter season. As temperatures warm and golfers and local residents begin to seek out dining and entertainment options, Martel wanted to take a proactive approach to providing a safe environment for patrons as he prepared to reopen for the spring.

After much consideration and research on the most effective products Martel decided to implement a Safe Air Plan provided by AirBox Air Purifiers. The Safe Air Plan was put together by AirBox’s team of experts who took into consideration the size of these two establishments and the expected occupancy range including employees and customers. AirBox Apex units, the company’s largest unit available, have been placed in the dining room and bar area at both locations in order to keep the breathing zone for customers and employees safe. The AirBox Apex is an industrial-grade air purifier with the power to clean the constant expulsion of particles in larger spaces, especially high-traffic locations. All of the AirBox units utilize certified HEPA technology that has been lab tested and proven to remove 99.99% of airborne particles including infectious agents and pathogens, pollen, chemicals, mold, and dust from the breathing zone.  

“I chose AirBox to create the safest environment possible and to make the guests feel more comfortable,” Said Martel’s Owner, Jim Martel. “In addition to our surface cleaning, we felt it was important to address the air and take things to another level. AirBox is high quality stuff and takes out all pathogens and they have proven lab results at removing the virus that causes COVID-19, greater than 99.99%!” 

Both locations are now open for dine in and takeout. With the AirBox Apex units in place, whether patrons are coming off the golf course, planning a luncheon or dinner, or just want to have a drink with friends, they can visit Martel’s with peace of mind knowing that they are breathing clean air and doing it safely. 

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About AirBox 

A women-owned business headquartered in Austin, TX, with a manufacturing facility in Statesville, NC, AirBox was founded in 2017 by inventor Tim Self. The high-proficiency AirBox air purifier technology evolved from filtration technology common to ultra-clean manufacturing and research environments typical to pharmaceutical, semiconductor and biotechnology industries. All AirBox units are manufactured in an EPA registered facility, are FDA compliant, and utilize certified HEPA technology. For additional information, visit Follow AirBox on Facebook and Instagram. 

About Martel’s  

Since 1994, Martel’s Restaurant at Capital Hills has been a family owned and operated restaurant with friendly, attentive staff and scenic views overlooking the 9th and 18th hole. Opened in the spring of 2014, Martel’s completely remodeled Town of Colonie Golf Course location brings a fresh new look with an open-air bar and dining atmosphere. In addition to dine in at their restaurants Martel’s also offers catering on and off premise at both locations. For additional information, visit Follow Martel’s at Capital Hills on Facebook here, or Martel’s Grill at Town of Colonie Golf Course here. 

AirBox Media Contact: 

Michail Moore, AirBox Air Purifiers, 512.743.6805 or 

Martel’s Media Contact: 

Jim Martel, 518.982.0220


Owner Jim Martel standing by his new AirBox Apex unit at Schenectady, NY location at the Town of Colonie Golf Course. Owner Jim Martel standing by his new AirBox Apex unit at his Capital Hills location in Albany, NY.

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