Global Warming Solutions, Inc. Announces Shareholder Update Letter

Jacksonville, Florida, UNITED STATES

Temecula, CA, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Warming Solutions, Inc., (OTC MARKETS: “GWSO”), a worldwide developer of technologies that help mitigate Global Warming and its effects on the Planet announces a “Shareholders Update Letter” to avail its shareholders and the marketplace on both recent company accomplishments and exciting new developments. 

Dear GWSO Stakeholders:

The past six months have been pivotal in the positive transformation of our company. We have completely redefined it and set clear "Mission Goals". We have introduced our new vision of the future, which is to become the "Global Leader” in “Climate Change Technologies". We will empower citizens worldwide, private corporations, and both governmental and non-governmental agencies with real world solutions to climate change in our lifetimes using our innovative solutions.

In just the past six months we have accomplished the following:

Inventions - Our engineers have invented the following technologies.

1)  Sodium Ion Battery - Our scientists have developed and recently filed a potentially blockbuster Patent" for the world’s first commercially viable "Sodium-Ion Battery Technology" (International Application Number PCT/US21/24546). It is a groundbreaking new battery technology that utilizes sodium as its main component and not rare earth materials like lithium. This technology could and should disrupt the entire battery industry, especially the current standard which is "Lithium-Ion". “We are very pleased to announce publicly for first time that we expect to have a working prototype in just 4 to 6 months”, said President & Chairman of the Board, Michael Pollastro, as we have put a significant effort into this.

2) Perishable Food Light Technology - Our “Food Light Technology” can extend the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafoods, between 25% to 40%. This would be a huge benefit to both supermarkets abs all fresh food suppliers. The implications here are enormous both for the environment and “GWSO”. Our technology can save unfathomable amounts of carbon gases from infiltrating our planet’s gentle eco-system. It can also save untold billions for companies and governments at the same time. We are in negotiations with many parties worldwide regarding this technology and shortly, we will announce our first contract in this division. It is also very important to note that there are many other applications to this technology, particularly in the medical industry and more news about this will be forthcoming.

3) Soil Growth Light Technology- Our patented lights are also grow lights that can shorten the time to harvest and increase the growth yield of any plant by approximately 30%. We are currently in discussion with growers of foods and plants to implement our technology.

Technological Investments - We have purchased the rights to several blockbuster and commercially viable technologies as follows.

 1) Flaps Turbine - We are in negotiations for a revolutionary technology for wind turbine technology that can produce energy at a fraction of the cost compared to any other technology current available in the marketplace. It has overwhelming technical advantages over other types of turbines and machines. Michael Pollastro, President & Chairman of the Board said, “Upon successfully acquiring this technology, we have a stated goal of capturing up to 20% market share within 5 years, by selling 1,000 of the units, and generating 500M (USD) per year in revenue”. Our system mimics a “self-perpetuating energy system” and the cost to operate would be a “game changer” in the marketplace today.

2) Hydrogen - This clean and abundant element can be produced from excess clean energy and be used as a zero-emission fuel source, and as an energy storage system. Like electricity, hydrogen is not a source of energy but an “energy carrier”. Mr. Pollastro further stated, “I am sure the penetration of hydrogen and of renewable energies in the power grids is going to notably increase”. We have a Patent Application to harness hydrogen by leveraging renewable energy sources for energy storage and grid balancing. Our engineers have decades of experience designing and installing on-site electrolyzers to provide Power-to-Gas solutions. This is key because Power-to-Gas is a hybrid solution which converts surplus renewable generation into hydrogen using electrolysis. 

3) Hydrogen & Wind - These forces join together for us to create allies for sustainable energy. Using renewables in its production process could make hydrogen a completely sustainable fuel, which is why we are combining the two. We have also come up with a safe way to harness this unlimited energy.

4) Diesel Engine Conversion - We are currently in negotiations with several companies in Europe about converting diesel powered vehicles to electric, incorporating our battery/hydrogen technology and expect a contract forthcoming.

Agricultural Solutions - Climate change is harshly and adversely affecting farming on this planet. We are providing farmers with solutions. We are marketing three key products. The first is “CARBONOVIT”. It is a “Universal Soil Amendment” that can help plants grow with 50% less fertilization. The second product is “HUMATE COATED UREA” (“HCU”). It provides all the essentials the soil needs. The combination of the two stimulate flowering, improve crop yields and quality, increases insect and fungal resistances, improve heat tolerance, and optimize nutrition. The third product is called “VITA-PURERAY”. It is a “Water Purification System” developed by the R & D of CEO Vladimir Vasilenko. This technology destroys dangerous microbes.  

Capital Raise - We have made significant progress in strengthening of our 
business via increasing our financial flexibility. We recently announced the completion of a 1.25M Private Placement Round of financing. The company is currently in negotiations with other founders/Stakeholders for additional and significant financing and will do whatever is in the best interest of its Shareholders. The company is currently being offered many funding options and is evaluating. 

New Executives/Advisors - The company has hired many new key employees and advisors. For example, on January 25th it was announced that Mr. David Kovacs, formerly of Citigroup joined our advisory committee. There are many forthcoming announcements about new executives, employees, and advisors that will bring invaluable resources to “GWSO”. 

New World Headquarters - The company recently announced, and is about to move into, its new “World Headquarters” in Temecula, California. Great care and planning was taken to provide the best work environment for its employees. The company will significantly increase staffing in the months ahead. 

Through the dedication of our people and the continued support of our shareholders, customers, and partners, we are preparing our business to create significant and sustainable value for all our stakeholders. Success is embedded in our DNA and we will continue to put our stakeholders first. 

The opportunities for all of our various divisions are compelling and boundless. Given our employee and advisory teams strong track record of successful execution, I am confident about our ability to realize our vision and dreams. Being the “Change” in “Climate Change” is a very ambitious undertaking, but I am confident we are up to the task and therefore will create the most value for you, our stakeholders.

I look forward to our journey ahead and it is a marathon and not a sprint. 


Michael Pollastro

President, Chairman of the Board
Global Warming Solutions, Inc.