Invoice2go Acquires Website Creation Platform, Booklaunch, and CRM and Customer Identification Tool, Betterlance

Invoice2go Rings In A New Way of Owning Your Business

SAN FRANCISCO, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Invoice2go, a platform simplifying the behind-the-scenes work of owning a small business, announced its acquisitions of Booklaunch and Betterlance. By integrating new technologies and capabilities into the Invoice2go platform, current and future customers will have access to additional resources to help generate new business through CRM and lead generation.

Having an ownable website, domain, and tools to identify client leads are what differentiates businesses from each other. Turning on the lights for SMB owners, Booklaunch’s website creation capabilities, reviews and ratings features, and customizable URLs enable both new and seasoned business owners to have a digital presence without branding from third-parties, like Yelp, Wix, or Squarespace. This tool will re-launch in the coming weeks on Invoice2go as “Instant Websites.”

Betterlance’s technology allows for lead generation to work autonomously, helping business owners identify prospective clientele and build sustainable relationships with current customers. Streamlining the overwhelming CRM process, integrating the Betterlance offering will further Invoice2go’s capability to act as an essential communications hub for business owners, managing communications, setting reminders and following up.

“Expanding Invoice2go’s features for both established and new business owners guided this strategic acquisition,” said Mark Lenhard, Invoice2go CEO. “Over the past few years, Invoice2go set the stage for entrepreneurial success, assisting in over $24B in business transactions per year. With the addition of Booklaunch and Betterlance’s services, our platform can usher in a new generation of small businesses.”

Having experienced first-hand how freelancers and micro-business owners don’t have the luxury of dedicated sales, marketing, design and accounting teams at launch, co-founders Ben De Rienzo and Leyland Jacob Elia went to the drawing board and developed tools to help grow businesses, eventually channeling that entrepreneurial spirit into creating Booklaunch and Betterlance as their own companies. Many micro-business owners wear an array of hats only to survive, and much like Invoice2go, these platforms came to fruition in order to root for and better equip the underdogs.

“We’re thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate and join Invoice2go whose mission and vision is to simplify the lives of small business owners. We’ve always been driven to come alongside freelancers, building different solutions to help them succeed,” De Rienzo said. “Combining forces with Invoice2go is an opportunity for us to expand our reach on a global scale and help entrepreneurs thrive in their new ventures.”

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Invoice2go is a technology company that empowers freelancers and small businesses with straightforward tools that simplify their day-to-day workflow. Our software enables users to grow their client base, manage invoicing and payments, maintain financial wellness, build their brand, and much more. Backed by Accel, Ribbit Capital, and OCV, Invoice2go is used by more than 200,000+ freelancers and small business owners in 160+ countries who send $24+ billion in invoices every year. To create a free account, go to, or download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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