Statement From Toronto Police Association on the Independent Civilian Review Into Missing Persons Investigations

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Independent Civilian Review into Missing Persons Investigations was an important undertaking by the Honourable Gloria J. Epstein, Lead Counsel Mr. Mark Sandler and all members who supported and worked with them.

This was a significant review with a mandate to examine how Toronto Police manage missing persons investigations in relation to vulnerable and marginalized individuals. The review, commissioned in September 2018 by the Toronto Police Services Board, was also tasked with making strategic recommendations on how to improve responses to missing persons cases.

With the review now complete, a press conference was held today by the Honourable Gloria J. Epstein to review the findings and recommendations.

As the report exceeds 1000 pages in length, the Toronto Police Association plans to carefully review it and subsequently provide its response to the report and to the recommendations contained therein.

“The Toronto Police Association will review the report and will be having ongoing dialogue with our members and the Toronto Police Service on how to address the recommendations put forward,” said Jon Reid, President of the Toronto Police Association. “What we know for certain is that Toronto Police officers are united in the goals of public safety, good policing and fostering improved relations with the LGBTQ2S+ communities and vulnerable communities,” said Reid.

Shortly after the press conference, The Toronto Police Service outlined their initial response to the report and announced the early adoption of a few key recommendations immediately.

“It was an important step that the Toronto Police Service and Toronto Police Services Board took in their commitment to acting quickly upon specific recommendations including a commitment to increasing much needed resources within the police service,” said Reid. “We look forward to many collaborative discussions ahead with the Toronto Police Service as we address this report in detail with a shared focus on continued progress and advancement.”

A link to The Independent Civilian Review into Missing Persons can be found here:

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