Sailthru Announces New Machine Learning Features for Improved Lifecycle Optimization

Marketers Have Access to New Automated Personalization Features, Richer Reporting and Enhanced Trigger Capabilities 

NEW YORK, April 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sailthru, a CM Group brand and the leading personalized marketing automation technology provider for retailers and publishers, today announced newly released features for its automation tool, Lifecycle Optimizer, to help marketers engage their customers with individualized messaging across channels. Marketers can easily build more relevant, personalized journeys with enhanced post-purchase automation and personalized send time. Additionally, marketers gain more visibility into multi-channel journey performance with new interactive visualizations. 

This is Sailthru’s latest technology release to help marketers orchestrate customer touchpoints across channels, which will be particularly valuable to deliver real-time experiences that keep pace with the speed of the customer. The new automation capabilities increase insight and personalization capabilities for retailers to build more effective customer journeys that deliver meaningful ROI, and for publishers as they look to build more meaningful relationships with their readers through commerce and content monetization.

Sailthru customers receive the following benefits from the new features:

  • Increased Personalization: Trigger communication using personalized send time to message customers when they’re most likely to engage. Also, configure messaging so that customers only receive triggered communications on relevant days of the week.

  • Enhanced Product-Related Trigger Capabilities: Create more relevant, personalized post-purchase journeys for customers using product-level details automatically captured via Google Product Sync, including custom fields, SKU, tags and title, so customers keep coming back for more. And coming soon, notify customers when products they are interested in have dropped in price or are back in stock. 

  • Richer Reporting: Easily view and drill down into multichannel journey reports that show performance over time through interactive visualizations.

“Since partnering with Sailthru, we’ve seen significant gains across key performance indicators. Case in point, by implementing their Lifecycle Optimizer tool, which allows us to automate individualized messaging to customers based on predictive and on-site user behavior, we’ve been able to increase email-driven conversions year-over-year — by nearly 56%. Sailthru’s advanced technology and helpful staff makes the process seamless,” Eliza Sniatkowski, Digital Marketing Manager at MZ Wallace.

“Relevancy is so important in creating a great customer experience, and triggered messaging not only delivers relevancy, but also serves as a powerful revenue driver for retailers. Sailthru clients have an even more robust set of tools to deliver more relevant digital experiences that produce immediate wins and long-term results,” said Monica Deretich, Retail Advisor at Sailthru. 

“Sailthru's Lifecycle Optimizer is a key solution for publishers who are increasing investments in first-party driven experiences and experimenting with new monetization strategies. Publishers can use first-party data to activate personalized journeys that effectively drive traffic to monetizable content, whether that's subscription content, events or commerce,” said Allison Mezzafonte, Media Advisor at Sailthru. 

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