The award demonstrates the highest level of commitment to quality digital health care

Washington, DC, April 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- URAC, the nation’s pre-eminent digital health accrediting entity, is proud to announce that VyTrac is the first company to be accredited under its newly launched Remote Patient Monitoring Accreditation program. URAC is the independent leader in promoting health care quality by setting high standards for digital health, consumer protections, performance measurement, operations infrastructure and risk management.  

Leveraging advanced technologies, VyTrac collects individual health data in real time and provides patient oversight to help reduce preventable hospitalizations and readmissions. A key feature of VyTrac’s digital solution is an easy-to-use provider dashboard that displays patient metrics and runs customized reports to enable timely patient monitoring. When results are out of expected scope, VyTrac can connect patients and providers via telehealth to facilitate proactive interventions.  

“Coupling state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with a user-friendly mobile app, VyTrac is a front runner in digital health care and patient oversight. URAC is excited to award the company our first Remote Patient Monitoring Accreditation. By achieving this distinction, VyTrac demonstrates its commitment to gathering real time patient health metrics in a safe, effective and secure manner to help physicians provide early intervention, better manage chronic conditions and ultimately improve health outcomes,” said URAC President and CEO Shawn Griffin, M.D.   

“While telehealth and digital health options certainly ramped up during the pandemic, they are quickly becoming a more widely accepted component of the health care delivery system. URAC’s accreditation program ensures telehealth and remote patient monitoring providers deliver high quality care and operate within evidence-based standards and best practices,” he said. 

Zachary Fink President of VyTrac stated, “Receiving URAC’s first accreditation for Remote Patient Monitoring demonstrates VyTrac’s commitment to quality care and innovative technology to improve patient’s lives.” 


About VyTrac 

VyTrac’s state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive care management platform is what differentiates Vytrac from the competition. The VyTrac team views its program as a “Readmission Program on steroids,” meaning its extensive clinical engagement and communication tools help to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.  With the user-friendly app, health providers can gather more data to ensure the right care is being provided remotely to their patients.  

VyTrac seeks to humanize the patient experience through innovation and technology.  Providers, Health Plans and any other organization striving to provide the right care for their patient population will benefit from VyTrac’s remote monitoring program. Our turn-key solution can be customized to meet direct patient goals and provider objectives. For more information visit www.vytrac.com


About URAC 

Founded in 1990 as a non-profit organization, URAC is the independent leader in promoting health care quality and patient safety through renowned accreditation programs. URAC develops its evidence-based standards in collaboration with a wide array of stakeholders and industry experts. The company’s portfolio of more than 40 accreditation and certification programs span the health care industry, addressing health care management and operations, pharmacies, telehealth, health plans, medical practices and more. URAC accreditation is a symbol of excellence for organizations to showcase their validated commitment to quality and accountability. For more information visit www.urac.org.   



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