Jars Céramistes Adds New Serving Pieces

To Mix and Match Dinnerware Collections

Jacksonville, Florida, UNITED STATES

New Castle, DE, April 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jars Céramistes adds news serving pieces to it most popular bridal collections, Vuelta and Plume, to help brides-to-be mix and match between the two collections. The new cake plate, serving bowl and deep round serving bowl are a natural bridge that makes it easy to select dinnerware pieces that can be switched in and out to create new looks and styles for any occasion. The dinnerware and serve ware colors, textures and shapes coordinate so the modern bride has dinnerware options to confidently create her own personal dinnerware style.


“At Jars, we love to mix and match different colors, plate shapes and shiny and matt finishes to create personal dinnerware stories that are inspiring, bold and memorable.  Vuelta, the number one Jars stoneware collection for brides is elegant and classic with delicate, translucent colors and perfectly round shapes. It features crackled glazes that add to the interest and refinement of the pieces. When blended with Plume’s feminine style, a table setting takes on a whole new look,” said Tara Steffen, marketing director, Jars USA. “In the past, brides registered for a single pattern or collection of dinnerware, now they can choose different pieces from different collections to create the set they want.


The Vuelta and Plume collections are handmade in France. The stoneware is fired at around 2340 F. At this firing temperature, the stoneware gets its very unique properties giving it the name “noble ceramic”.  Jars was founded by Pierre Jars about 150 years ago and its products have graced tables in France, both home and professional, ever since.  In 2010, Jars Céramistes earned EPV status (Entreprise Francaise du Patrimoine Vivant), the French Companies Living Heritage award. Today more than fifty percent of French Michelin two-and- three-star restaurants use Jars for their dinnerware service.


Jars unique tabletop concept offers authentic, hand craftsmanship and contemporary design for everyday use. The beautiful Plume dinnerware and Vuelta dinnerware combine French savoir-faire and natural organic inspiration. Purchase at Bloomingdales or JarsUSA. Brides can create a customized tablescape mixing dinnerware and serve ware from the Plume and Vuelta Jars collections.

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