In Honour Of Earth Day, Green Hedge Realty Pledges To Help Save The Environment While Continuing To Save Clients Money

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, April 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In honour of Earth Day this year, local Toronto Real Estate Brokerage - Green Hedge Realty, is pledging to help save the environment by making donations to Tree Canada for every deal closed in the next 12 months.

Every time one of its clients buys or sells a home, Green Hedge Realty will donate 10% of its office deal income to Tree Canada, enough to plant between 10-20 trees in Ontario.

In addition to this environmental initiative, Green Hedge Realty continues to reduce its economic impact on the environment by saving clients money on real estate commission.

While a connection between saving money on real estate commission and saving the environment may not be immediately apparent, Green Hedge Realty would not be able to offer its high commission savings if it didn’t operate in a way that avoids waste.

The Green Hedge Realty office has a small footprint; the focus is on electronic documents as opposed to paper, and they generally operate in a way that saves time and resources.

Leveraging resources enables Green Hedge Realty to offer the highest advertised buyer cash back rebate of any Real Estate Brokerage in Toronto, as well one of the best priced full service listing packages for sellers.

Besides saving money on commission and helping to save the environment, Green Hedge Realty clients can also expect benefits that aren’t easily quantified.

Discount commission agents process more deals on average than their traditional counterparts, giving them more experience and ensuring a higher chance of transactional success.

Paying less real estate commission also means the client’s bottom line has more room to breathe during offer negotiations, and there is more flexibility afterwards as Buyers face increasingly tougher mortgage restrictions.

Hiring Green Hedge Realty means not just saving on real estate commission, but also saving one's nerves, sanity, and the environment.

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Volunteer Plants A Tree With Tree Canada And The Support of Green Hedge Realty Inc., Brokerage